Anthem Interceptor Class Guide: Abilities, Grenades, Strengths

The Anthem Interceptor class is the game’s premiere scout. It’s the most nimble and agile Javelin, meaning the class makes a very good close-range assassin. Jumping in, dealing lots of damage, and quickly retreating out are all hallmarks of the Interceptor.

Melee Ability

Double-Bladed Daggers: The Interceptor spins rapidly, delivering a flurry of hits with its double-bladed daggers. If you can stand the heat, this spiral can go on indefinitely.

Javelin Strike System Abilities

Most of the Interceptor’s abilities involve fast strikes or throwing stars. There’s also an acid flamethrower which seems pretty rude, but you’ve got to deal with enemies somehow, right?

Star Strike: The targeted enemy will begin overloading and explode after a delay. This deals increased damage if the target is killed before the explosion occurs naturally.

Plasma Star: Throw a flaming shuriken at an enemy. Comes with the “Armorcracker” tag, which makes it do 50 percent bonus damage to armored (yellow health bar) enemies.

Nova Strike: Projects a false version of the Interceptor which attacks nearby enemies.

Tempest Strike: A single-target strike which has a chance to stun smaller enemies.

Corrosive Spray: Like a flamethrower, but with acid. Ouch.


Support Abilities

The Interceptor can help out the entire team by either marking and weakening targets, or removing all debuffs from nearby allies.

Target Beacon: Need to burn down an enemy? Mark them with this and both you and your allies will deal more damage to it. Kill the enemy and the mark will move to a nearby target. Nice!

Rally Cry: This support skill removes all debuffs from nearby allies.

Assault System Abilities

The Interceptor has a few tricks up its sleeve — including a few throwing glaives. It also has a cluster mine field, just in case you need to keep enemies from getting through a choke point. For players that want even more maneuverability there’s a dash that leaves behind a damaging field of electricity. The Interceptor is all about getting around quickly and punishing enemies along the way.

Seeker Glaive: Don’t ask us how this glaive manages to seek out the closest target, but it does. And it does some good damage, to boot.

Acid Bomb: Want more acid in your Anthem kit? This grenade will explode and splash corrosive damage on nearby enemies.

Cryo Glaive: The hottest heat-seeking, freezing cold projectile locks onto a target, freezing them on impact.

Cluster Mine: Rather than sending out an array of cluster grenades, this projects a group of mines onto the ground which explode on contact with any enemy.

Spark Dash: Movement! Again! Gain another dash which leaves behind an electric trail that damages enemies.

Ultimate Ability

Assassin’s Blades: Ready to do some blade dancing? Assassin’s Blades “supercharge” the Javelin, deploying these more powerful blades and giving you the ability to carve through foes.

Interceptor Tips

  • The Interceptor is the only Javelin in Anthem with melee combos. Just spam the melee attack button to perform the full combo, but know that the third hit of every combo (the double cross-slash) does more than double the damage of every other hit.
  • Interceptor melee hits ignore damage resistances from armor, shields, and “invulnerability.”
  • Melee attacking from the air does bonus damage. Melee striking again, immediately afterwards, can trigger the Interceptor cross-slash attack for even greater damage.
  • Has triple-jump capability. Hold Space to increase the air time of the first jump. The second and third jumps have set heights.
  • You can empower the Interceptor’s ultimate at full power. Striking enemies while empowered leaves after-images that continue to do damage even after you’ve moved on.
  • Can jump further by sprinting and jumping.
  • Has a chain-dash that can be used on the ground or in the air. Hold the dash button and move in any direction to dash up to three times in quick succession.
  • The Interceptor can barrel roll to avoid locked-on projectiles.
  • Has an automated shield that regenerates faster if the Javelin is moving.
  • The most agile Javelin.

That’s all there is to know about the Ranger Javelin! Head on over to our Storm guide to see what the next Anthem class has to offer.