Anthem Interceptor Build Guide: Best Loadouts, Javelin Gear, & Combos

Of the four Javelins available in Anthem, none evoke the aesthetic and feel of a stealth bomber better than the swift, sleek Interceptor class. Naturally, the best Anthem Interceptor loadouts are the ones that enhance that feeling, too.

You want to glide and flip through the air like some sort of mecha-ballerina, getting up close and personal with its dual blades for devastating melee attacks, before disappearing as quickly as it arrived to head off and cause more damage elsewhere. You do, don’t you? Well then, let’s take a look at these great loadouts listed below!

Regardless of which Javelin you play, it’s important to get to know each of their abilities. This amazing chart (above) by Reddit user FireDragon04 lists each Javelin’s gear abilities, their element types, and whether they’re primers or detonators.

The Interceptor has two gear slots called the Assault System and the Strike System. Combining these two abilities is key in your success — whether you’re flying solo in Freeplay to farm crafting materials or working in concert with a full team on Grandmaster Strongholds.

Each Javelin brings a unique combo effect to the table. The Interceptor is no different. When the Interceptor triggers a combo, it spreads an elemental aura to enemies nearby over time. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the best Interceptor loadouts in Anthem take full advantage of that fact.

“Poisonous Striker” – Anthem Interceptor Loadout

  • Assault System – Venom Bomb (Primer)
  • Strike System – Tempest Strike (Detonator)
  • Support System – Target Beacon

Venom Bomb is your best friend with this loadout. You should kick off just about every engagement with it, as the ability will prime enemies and make them take more damage over time once a combo detonates.

With pretty much all Interceptor loadouts, you want to be up and in enemies’ faces, using your powerful melee attacks as much as possible. The Interceptor almost entirely revolves around its dual Bladed Daggers. Keep that in mind whenever you’re setting up your equipment in the Forge!

Tempest Strike is a second option as a detonator. The default melee acts as its own detonator, but this skill doubles as a powerful attack that deals more damage than a regular melee strike.

Make sure to use the Interceptor’s top tier maneuverability to get in, throw a Venom Bomb, detonate with a Tempest Strike, and then triple jump to safety (or a new target). You should basically be a really powerful and persistent hornet that never stops stinging the enemy.

“Melee Machine” – Anthem Interceptor Loadout

  • Assault System – Cryo Glaive (Primer)
  • Strike System – Detonating Strike (Primer)
  • Support System – Target Beacon

Nothing makes it easier to focus your powerful melee abilities than freezing your enemies. That’s why Cryo Glaive is such an important skill in the Interceptor bag of tricks.

Use Cryo Glaive to initiate attacks by freezing multiple enemies. Then fire Detonating Strike to close the distance and create a combo aura around you. After that, go to town with your melees and carve DPS into the enemies who are frozen in place.

This loadout works amazingly well combined with other freezing abilities of your squad — like the Storm’s Ice Storm ability. Get in close and just wreak havoc on frozen enemies. Then detonate combos wherever and whenever you can.

Detonating Strike is especially cool, because if they’re charged when they die, they will explode and damage other enemies in the nearby area. Use this as well as Cryo Glaive to basically prime the entire field of enemies.

“Acidic Assassin” – Anthem Interceptor Loadout

  • Assault System – Venom Bomb (Primer)
  • Strike System – Venom Spray (Primer)
  • Support System – Target Beacon

With this Interceptor loadout, you can basically poison the entire battlefield with the Acid effect. After which you can further spread it around with your aura combo — like some sort of fast-moving plague… with knives. It’s nasty.

Since the Interceptor melee ability is its own detonator, and you’re always using the melee strike, you don’t really need any other detonators in the gear slot. You can use both Venom Bomb and Venom Spray to poison enemies and prime them. Follow this up with a quick melee string to detonate your foes and set off the Acid effect everywhere else.

Remember not to be shy with the Support System of Target Beacon. When you want to home in on one big bad guy (which will usually have a yellow armored healthbar), your Acid abilities do bonus damage. Combine that with Target Beacon’s damage buff to help you take down big monsters real quick.

As you’ll be up close to enemies pretty much all the time, be sure to equip CQC weapons: like shotguns and machine pistols. That way you can always stay in the fight, no matter which of the best Interceptor loadouts you choose to use in Anthem.