Anthem Heart of Rage Guide: Stronghold Walkthrough

Get ready for a fight against the Dominion’s best and nastiest soldiers! Which… you’ve already done, because “The Heart of Rage” is a rehash of the final Anthem campaign mission. And the only way to access the Stronghold version of The Heart of Rage is to finish the campaign itself.

The main difference between the Stronghold and story variants of The Heart of Rage is that you can now jack up the difficulty to Grandmaster and above. That means the enemies will take — and dish out — much more damage. You’ll have to be on your toes for this Anthem Stronghold!

Anthem Heart of Rage 3

Titan Fight

After clearing out a decent number of Dominion, including a number of Elite Brutes, head further into Freemark. You’ll come face to face with a Titan. Yeah, that’s right! This Stronghold starts with a Titan.

By now, you’ve hopefully become quite accustomed to fighting these big rocky behemoths. But the main idea behind taking one down is to avoid its blast wave attacks, dodge its heat-seeking blasts at the last minute, and keep your distance from any adds.

The Titan’s usual weak points are on its arms and hands when its keying up most attacks. You can also fire at its open chest when it tries to hit you with its “Care Bear Stare” attack. Finally, when it does fire its laser, the Titan’s back will also open up to reveal an easily accessible weak point. Anyone not directly targeted by the beam should position themselves to hit this weak spot whenever they can. Beyond that, the Interceptor’s melee attacks will also damage a Titan through it’s “invincible” flesh. And since you’re invincible while ult-ing, dropping an Interceptor ultimate is a great way to wail on any Titan in Anthem.

Occasionally, the Titan will spawn waves of Ash Elementals, too. They’re pretty easily disposed of with some gunfire or Ice attacks.

Once the Titan is down, grab loot from the chest that spawns and continue through the Heart of Rage Stronghold!

Anthem Heart of Rage 2

Press On Through the Heart of Rage

Next up in your race to silence the Cenotaph is a few rooms of Dominion enemies — including a turret. Turrets hit hard, but take extra damage from Fire and especially Acid damage. You can also freeze them in place (all the better to hit their rear weak points with) using Ice attacks.

Take down the turret first, then fight off the shielded Valkyries. In contract to the turret, these enemies take bonus damage from Ice and especially Electric skills. Use those attacks to melt their shields and kill the Valkyries quickly — otherwise their bonus health will regenerate and you have to start all over again. The baddies that remain should be straightforward.

The next step in the Heart of Rage is to take out the “grounder” inhibiting your flight. That means standing close to the objective as it charges up, and the more players standing nearby the better. The Dominion will, however, send a ton of uglies your way. You’ll need to keep moving and stay in cover to survive.

Use Electric and Ice attacks to take down the shielded Brutes that spawn. They will be a real problem if they’re allowed to roam around and mess you up. Once you’re able to fly again, take to the air and press on.

Silence the Relic

Oh look! It’s another massive concert speaker, as seen throughout Anthem, and also known as a Shaper Relic. This big one is going to need some Echoes before it stops being a nuisance. That means you and your teammates are on gofer duty for this encounter.

You can find a total of 10 Echoes throughout this area, but the glowy things will have to take a backseat to the myriad Dominion foes that appear out of nowhere. Foot soldiers, Valkyries, Brutes, and more will all spawn in and try to shoot you out of the sky as you carry your precious cargo back home.

Focus down the most dangerous enemies first. The melee Brutes can be particularly bothersome and might deserve your immediate attention. Then you can clean up the rest while using your radar to hunt down more Echoes. There’s no rush, though; It’s not worth pushing for an Echo high above you if your team is getting slaughtered by a Valkyrie. Take the enemies down as they spawn and deliver the Echoes only when you can.

Once you deliver all 10 Echoes, the fight is not over. Two horrific Dominion Furies will appear to get a piece of the action. That’s your cue to take things very, very carefully. These lopsided things can one-shot you with just about any of their attacks on higher difficulties. Keep your distance, dodge their homing ranged attacks, and stay alive. If an ally does go down, only stop to revive them if you’re absolutely sure you can make it in time. If you start reviving and think you won’t make it, don’t risk it. Just back away, circle around, and try again!

Once the Furies are dead, loot the chest that pops up and get ready for the real fight for the Heart of Rage to begin.

Anthem Heart of Rage 1

Defeat the Monitor

You’ve fought the Monitor before, but not like this. On high-end difficulties, this fight can take upwards of 30 minutes or longer, all by itself. The boss is simply that much of a bullet sponge.

You fight the Monitor over multiple stages and phases. The first battle takes place in a wide-open area where it’s pretty easy to maintain a safe distance from his melee attacks.

Stay far away and hover when you can, shooting his glowing yellow weak points to do extra damage. He will begin to drop meteors to the ground. Avoid them as best you can and shoot them once they’re embedded in the ground. If you don’t, the meteors will explode in a massive radius around you and your crew.

Once you do enough damage, the Monitor will slam his blade into the ground and disappear. The chase is on! Fly out to the next area and follow him to the second, which features five round platforms to stand on.

The main wrinkle to this phase of the fight is when the boss spawns waves of Acid Elemental enemies. They can be a real pain in the ass… As you fly, hover, and try to deal damage, these annoying buggers will shoot ranged acid at you from below. In general, they’re a real annoyance as you try to fight the boss. You can try to ignore them, but it’s much better to bounce between quelling their numbers and fighting the Monitor. The Elementals can become a real problem in their own right if they pile up.

As for the Monitor, maintain your distance and empty clips into his weak points. After you deal enough damage, he will eventually leave again, and it’s time to move to the final arena.

The final zone in the Heart of Rage Stronghold is another wide-open region. But this time the Monitor is wielding electricity. Electric waves will cover the floor for the majority of the fight, so it’s up to you to stay above ground.

Storms and Interceptors should have an easy time avoiding the attacks, but Rangers and Colossi need to make use of the lopsided pillars found in the area. Stand on them to stay clear of the electric ground waves.

The Monitor will occasionally shoot out electric ball attacks, but they’re easily dodged. In general, the boss will continue to do more of the same melee attacks as always. As long as you’re at a safe distance, you should be okay to continue firing on his weak points and chipping away at his massive health bar.

The funny thing about this encounter is that you don’t even need to finish his whole health bar. Once it gets down to about 15 percent, The Monitor will stop moving and disappear and die. For story reasons.

Either way, you’ve beaten the Heart of Rage Stronghold in Anthem! And you’ve hopefully gotten yourself some more sweet loot for it all. Congrats on clearing another Anthem pinnacle activity!