Anthem Factions Guide – Unlocking Anthem Wear States, Metals

Surprise! Anthem has factions for you to curry favor (and side quests) with. Completing challenges for each Anthem faction rewards you with crafting blueprints for both items and consumables. With these equipped, it’s easier than ever to prepare for your next expedition. There are also a few visual upgrades to earn, to boot.

But which faction should you focus on? How do you grind favor with these different groups? That’s what our guide is here to tell you! So strap in and get ready for our guide to every faction in Anthem.

Anthem Factions


Freelancers are your faction! They are pilots (that’s you, dear players) who follow General Tarsis and the Path of Valor. These individuals look to serve the people and silence Cataclysm — along with the occasional bad guy and problematic Shaper artifacts.

  • Freelancer Loyalty 1 – Standard wear state, uncommon universal component blueprints
  • Freelancer Loyalty 2 – Clean wear state, rare universal component blueprints
  • Freelancer Loyalty 3 – New wear state, epic universal component blueprints

Universal components are components that are not Javelin specific. They can be equipped on whatever suit you want.


Sentinels are the defenders of the wall, which surrounds the major civilization in Anthem. These defensive-minded guardians keep the peace and protect the civilians on behalf of the Emperor. They’re your Titans in Destiny — right down to the whole sci-fi wall thing — if you’re familiar with that game. Boy… Anthem really does have a lot of similarities to Destiny, doesn’t it?

  • Sentinel Loyalty 1 – Uncommon iconic component blueprints
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2 – Tin, iron & lead metal materials, rare iconic component blueprints
  • Sentinel Loyalty 3 – Epic iconic component blueprints

Iconic component’s are exclusive to a specific Javelin. These components boost a specific type of attack from a Javelin.


Arcanists are scientists, researchers, and scholars. They study the mysteries of the world. A lot of your tasks for the Arcanists involve studying and understanding the world of Anthem. They are, to once again put it in established Destiny terms, the lore equivalent of Warlocks.

  • Arcanist Loyalty 1 – Uncommon sigil blueprints
  • Arcanist Loyalty 2 – Tungsten, silver, and platinum metal materials, rare sigil blueprints
  • Arcanist Loyalty 3 – Bronze, brass, and copper metal materials, epic sigil blueprints

In Anthem, weapon sigils are consumable items that give you a one time boost 10, 15, and 20% boost to damage and ammo reserves.

Champion of Tarsis

After you reach loyalty level three for all three factions, you unlock the Champion of Tarsis Challenge! It essentially removes a soft cap on the amount of  reputation you can earn with each of the three basic factions. That means, unfortunately, even more grinding. But the rewards might just be worth it…

See, completing the Champion of Tarsis Challenge, and grinding more reputation with the Anthem factions, will eventually grant you masterwork component blueprints in the Forge for all four of your Javelins. Masterworks are some of the most powerful gear in Anthem! But remember that you can only unlock all of these advanced Javelin classes once you reach level 30! So keep working towards that level cap.

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In the meantime, get out there and start leveling up yourselves. Have fun, freelancers!