Anthem Colossus Build Guide: Best Loadouts, Javelin Gear, & Combos

The Colossus. The name says it all, doesn’t it? Colossus. Big, strong, towering, and powerful. Or as the kids say these days: Big Chungus. Well, the Colossus is the Chungus Javelin of Anthem. It’s certainly the tank of the game if there ever was one. But it’s not all about absorbing damage and drawing enemy fire. The Colossus is capable of dealing insane damage on its own, without the need of help from a Storm, Ranger, or Interceptor.

Maybe that’s your play style! Maybe you like to run around on your own and worry less about getting killed in one hit. If so, then this list of our best Colossus loadouts in Anthem is for you. Let’s take a look at what the beef boy has to offer below.

Regardless of what Javelin you play, it’s important to get to know each of their abilities. This amazing chart made by Reddit user FireDragon04 lists every Javelin gear ability in Anthem, their element types, and whether they’re primers or detonators.

The Colossus has two gear slots, called Ordnance Launcher and Heavy Assault Launcher. Combining these two abilities is key in your success — whether you’re flying solo in Freeplay to farm crafting materials or working in concert with a full team on Grandmaster Strongholds.

Each Javelin adds a unique effect on their combos, too. The Colossus is no different. When the Colossus triggers a combo, it makes an area-of-effect explosion which deals raw damage to nearby enemies. So it’s a fantastic choice for clearing out big groups.

“Hot Lightning” – Anthem Colossus Loadout

  • Ordnance Launcher – Lightning Coil (Detonator)
  • Heavy Assault Launcher – Flamethrower (Primer)
  • Support Gear – Battle Cry

This is, hands down, one of the best gear loadouts you can use for the Colossus in Anthem. It doesn’t have a ton of range, but playing as Colossus usually means getting up all the uglies’ faces, anyway.

You can use the Battle Cry Support item to bring a ton of enemies into your vicinity. Then light them up with the Flamethrower to prime them and finish off the combo with a Lightning Coil attack to create a visual spectacle. The area-of-effect explosion ain’t half bad, either.

You can use the Flamethrower in concert with the Colossus’ AoE Heavy Smash melee attack. Do not be shy with this melee; it’s also a detonator. The Lightning Coil will likely spend a lot more time cooling down than your generous Flamethrower. That means you can prime a bunch of enemies with fire and pound the ground to set off further explosions. This makes the Colossus absolutely top tier in Anthem for taking out large groups.

This loadout isn’t the best for facing down a boss fight, however. But you will be the star of the show when it comes to clearing out those massive waves of Dominion, Scars, or Skorpions everyone loves to hate.

“Ranged Destruction” – Anthem Colossus Loadout

  • Ordnance Launcher – Firewall Mortar (Primer)
  • Heavy Assault Launcher – Railgun (Detonator)
  • Support Gear – Battle Cry

This is another loadout that will enable you to make your own combos (which is honestly the biggest factor driving Anthem combat). It’s nice to work together with your team and set off each other’s combos, but it’s also good to not need to rely on others to deal damage.

But this Colossus loadout is better suited for some longer-range destruction. If you like sniper rifles or other long-range attacks, this one is for you. The Firewall Mortar launches a bomb that sets enemies on fire (just like the Flamethrower) again. Meanwhile, the Railgun is a very powerful charged-up weapon that deals great damage to a single target. And although it counts as physical damage, the Colossus Railgun has the “armor-cracker” feature. So it does bonus damaged to armored foes. That means it works very well on bosses and other stronger enemies.

With the Colossus’ melee ability, you can still use the Firewall Mortar (or a teammate’s abilities) to prime enemies. Then just sprint and jump up to pound the ground in their face to set off combos. The end result is an Anthem loadout with a bit more flexibility overall.

“Support Tank” – Anthem Colossus Loadout

  • Ordnance Launcher – Shock Coil (Primer)
  • Heavy Assault Launcher – Venom Spitter (Primer)
  • Support Gear – Shield Pulse

If you’re looking for a very different playstyle for the Anthem Colossus, this one is great at starting combos with specific loadouts for the rest of your squad. These gear abilities forego detonators entirely for two primers that can set up your team for a ton of damage.

Shock Coil will electrify enemies (and deal an extra 50 percent damage to their shields). Venom Spitter uses acid to weaken enemies (while dealing 50 percent more damage to armor). The deadly combination means you’ll never be weak against any particular enemy type. Not to mention, both Colossus abilities prime bad guys for combos. You can follow up with a melee attack of your own, or allow your teammates (like Interceptors) to get in close and deal massive damage.

Finally, Shield Pulse is Support Gear that reduces damage to you and nearby allies by 33 percent. That makes it really nice as a support item, as you and your squadmates get up close and personal with enemies.