All PVP Series 4 Rewards in Final Fantasy XIV

With a new series comes new rewards.

The launch of PvP Series Four in Final Fantasy XIV introduces 30 new Series Malmstones for players to battle their way through, bringing a new minion, emote, portrait kits, and a mount to show off their battle prowess.

As with the previous three series’, most of the Malmstone rewards provide Trophy Crystals, a currency that players can exchange for glamours and other miscellaneous items. Five unique rewards break up this formula, each being obtainable every five Malmstones. For Warriors of Light aiming to advance through Series Four, here are the unique items that can be obtained.

List of 30 rewards for PVP
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix
  • Ballroom Etiquette – Heartfelt Sincerity¬†– Series level five
  • Aramitama Framer’s Kit – Series level 10
  • Rubellite Weapon – Series level 15
  • Nigimitama Framer’s Kit – Series level 20
  • Traveling Supporter Identification Key – Series level 25

How to earn experience in PvP Series Four

Players looking to progress through Series Four have multiple options in the form of Frontline, Crystalline Conflict, and Rival Wings for gaining experience. While you don’t have to emerge victorious in each mode to gain experience, winning adds more to your total.

Choosing which mode to participate in for experience comes down to preference. Those who prefer faster-paced gameplay may select Crystalline Conflict, the 5v5 mode that requires teams to push a crystal to the other team’s goal. Since Crystalline Conflict only requires 10 players to participate, queue times are less of an issue compared to Rival Wings’ 48-player requirement or the even heftier Frontline’s 72-player count, meaning more matches played in a shorter amount of time to progress through Series Four.

Players who do their Daily Challenge: Frontline will now be able to gain Series EXP thanks to adjustments made to PvP for Patch 6.4, which will assist those who only dabbled in the PvP mode because of Daily Roulettes to make progress in the newest Series.