WWE 2K19 & Fire Pro Wrestling World Predict Wrestlemania 35

WrestleMania 35 is this Sunday! To celebrate, we at Fanbyte wanted to find out once and for all which professional wrestling video game can more accurately predict results with simulated matches. Freelancer Ian Stokes was nice enough to simulate the entire card in WWE 2K19. Meanwhile, Editor-in-Chief John Warren ran the matches in Fire Pro Wrestling World.

These two titans of digital wrestling represent some very different schools of thought. WWE obviously has the official license — along with the sales numbers that mark it as a real crowd-pleaser. Whereas Fire Pro Wrestling — the little game that could — features all the bells, whistles, and technical prowess you could want. In a way, this head-to-head challenge is its own championship match. Who will prevail between these two titans? Only the final results will tell the tale!

Note: Fire Pro Wrestling World gives duration and quality evaluations after matches. So we’ve included those in John’s results, but not Ian’s.

Women’s Battle Royal

WWE 2K19

The eight women are Asuka (sorry), Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Kairi Sane, Ruby Riott and Mickie James. Mickie is gone in seconds. Naomi takes out Mandy Rose, so it looks like that feud is continuing! The Empress of Tomorrow picks up the win: the textbook definition of a consolation prize. – Ian

Winner – Asuka eliminates Ruby Riott (7:03)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

This came down to RRiiootteerrss Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, who might be my personal favorites to challenge for the Women’s Tag Titles sometime this year. – John

Winner: Liv Morgan eliminates Sarah Logan at 30:23 (82% match evaluation)

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

WWE 2K19

2K19 only allows for eight-man Battle Royals, so I just picked the biggest names. Sorry, Viktor… Those dorks from SNL are mercifully not in the game. Apollo Crews, Braun Strowman, Andrade, Tyler Breeze, Titus O’Neill, EC3, Jinder Mahal and Shelton Benjamin make the cut. Tyler Breeze eliminates Strowman (we can only hope). – Ian

Winner – Apollo Crews eliminates Tyler Breeze (10:56)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

I couldn’t find custom-created Colin Jost or Michael Che on the PS4 shared edits site (good on you, Fire Pro community). So I replaced them with Kevin Owens and a returning Luke Harper as a surprise. IRL favorite Braun Strowman was eliminated pretty early by Shinsuke Nakamura. – John

Winner: Jeff Hardy eliminates Jinder Mahal (lol) at 15:49 (79% match evaluation)


WWE Cruiserweight Title: Buddy Murphy [c] vs. Tony Nese

WWE 2K19

Such a shame these guys are going on the pre-show. Had to go hunting for Buddy Murphy in the downloads since he’s not in the game. Buddy repays the effort by absolutely crushing the challenger. – Ian

Winner – Buddy Murphy pins Tony Nese after hitting Murphy’s Law (4:20)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

These two mega-muscly cruiserweights (uh huh) had a very, very fast-paced back-and-forth with Buddy Murphy — continuing his well-deserved championship run with a rather anticlimactic standing shooting star press. – John

Winner: Buddy Murphy via standing shooting star press at 11:20 (100% match evaluation)

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz (Falls Count Anywhere)

WWE 2K19

Sadly, there was no option to put The Miz’s dad in the crowd. Miz catches Shane mid-taunt, smacking him out of that stupid shuffle… thing… he does. The action never left the ring and Shane didn’t fly, so I’m thinking WWE 2K19 has no idea what it’s talking about at this point. – Ian

Winner – The Miz pins Shane McMahon after a Skull-Crushing Finale (4:12)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Big ups to firepro-w.com contributor Jazzx57629 for having the most lifelike Miz edit I’ve ever seen! He’s so evasive and defensive you could almost see sentient street hot dog, Shane McMahon, getting winded in digital form. Shane did not do something incredibly stupid here, but almost certainly will on Sunday. – John

Winner: Shane McMahon via Leap of Faith at 24:20 (85% match evaluation)

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

WWE 2K19

Styles comes out swinging as the commentary team reel off facts about Cowboy Bob Orton. A draping DDT is followed up with an RKO, which Styles shockingly kicks out of at the two count. WWE 2K19 doesn’t care about your protected finisher, Randy. No chance in hell that happens on the night itself, though. – Ian

Winner – AJ Styles pins Randy after a Phenomenal Forearm (3:08)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Something tells me that no matter how little I like either competitor, these two are going to tear it up on Sunday. The Fire Pro simmed match was a total banger. – John

Winner: AJ Styles via Phenomenal Forearm at 20:48 (93% match evaluation)

Wrestlemania 35 Predictions

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

WWE 2K19

I love Corbin. Truly I do. But he’s a weak choice for Angle’s final match. The rumor floating around is that John Cena will take Baron’s place on the night, but we’re taking the match card at face value. Corbin kicks out of the Angle Slam, but ultimately falls to the Olympic hero. – Ian

Winner – Kurt Angle pins Baron Corbin after three German Suplexes (6:43)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Listen… I don’t expect this match to set the world on fire, but I sure hope for a better result than what we got here. Poor Kurt. Maybe Fire Pro is rebelling against the existence of this match? Fair enough! – John

Winner: Double Count-Out at 9:12 (66% match evaluation)

Triple H vs. Batista (No Holds Barred)

WWE 2K19

Batista comes out of the gate strong with a Military Press Drop and a few kicks to the back, but it’s all The Game from then on out. Spinebuster, Pedigree, 1, 2, 3. “Vintage Triple H”, bellows Michael Cole. I know it’s been a while since Batista stepped between the ropes, but I expect him to put on a better show than this. – Ian

Winner – Triple H pins Batista after a Pedigree at (2:13)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

The Fire Pro Wrestling version of this match had all the intensity and none of the wasted motion we’ll surely get on Sunday. This thing will probably be half an hour long, IRL, with run-ins from James Gunn and a hologram of Rocket Racoon. Also !!!! at the result! – John

Winner: Batista via stolen Pedigree at 13:25 (88% match evaluation)

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE 2K19

Could you imagine if Roman Reigns loses at his first Wrestlemania since his return from battling goddamn Leukemia? Not even Vince would book that, surely! Who knows, but what I’m sure he wouldn’t book is a run-in from Sanity. The absolute stones on 2K19 with this decision… Reigns kicks out of a Claymore — because of course he does. – Ian

Winner – Roman Reigns pins Drew McIntyre after a Spear (7:31)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

In what has to be the most patently false prediction on the card, Drew and Roman had a 24-minute classic (not even the crazy part)… culminating in Drew causing Roman “I’m Returning From Cancer And Everyone Rightfully Respects And Appreciates Me Now” Reigns to tap out to a crossface. Yeah… Not actually happening. – John

Winner: Drew McIntyre via crossface submission at 24:06 (97% match evaluation)

Wrestlemania 35 Predictions

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title: Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection [c] vs. Divas of Doom vs. The IIconics vs. Nia & Tamina

WWE 2K19

The IIconics entrance reminds me that they’re easily the most deserving team in this match, but we all know they haven’t got a chance this Sunday. The TV goes into standby as Tamina enters — such is the magnitude of her Charisma Vortex. WWE 2K19 only allows for a four-way Tornado Tag, so all eight women start in the ring. It’s utter carnage. – Ian

Winner – Natalya taps out Peyton Royce of The Iiconics with the Sharpshooter at (10:05)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

A very good match featuring great work from all eight performers. I had to cheese this a little via Battle Royal, because Fire Pro Wrestling World doesn’t do straight-up, multi-team matches. It was a little bit chaotic, but a whole lot of fun — just like what I expect the real match to be. Also, hey! Beth picking up Nia over her head sounds completely dope. – John

Winner: Beth Phoenix makes Nia Jax submit via torture rack to win the titles for her team at 19:48 (100% match evaluation)

WWE Intercontinental Title: Bobby Lashley [c] vs. Finn Balor

WWE 2K19

Finn Balor won’t bring the Demon out to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, but he will wheel him out for Bobby Lashley. He’s an idiot. Whatever. The Demon King is here and Lashley stands absolutely no chance. I’m not even watching the match! Trust me, The Demon wins. – Ian

Winner – The Demon pins Bobby Lashley after a Coup De Grace (4:38)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

I completely expect The Demon to show up on the biggest stage because… Why not? He skipped the past couple years and having a million matches with Bobby without being The Demon seems to point in this direction. Seems OP, but whatever! Bobby is strong. Anyway, good match with an expected result. – John

Winner: Finn Balor via Coup de Grace at 13:56 (98% match evaluation)

WWE United States Title: Samoa Joe [c] vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE 2K19

The classic David vs. Goliath match-up. Rey reverses a Coquina Clutch into a pinning predicament. Rey hits his signature 619 and Frog Splash combo three times, but the diminutive luchador just can’t overcome the Samoan Destroyer. – Ian

Winner – Samoa Joe pins Rey Mysterio after a Chimera-plex (11:33)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

This might have the largest “expectation vs. simulated reality” gap on the card. I think this match is going to whip ass on Sunday, but this simulation was a pretty one-sided affair. Joe wound up getting the victory via submission. – John

Winner: Samoa Joe via Achilles lock submission at 15:19 (74% match evaluation)

Wrestlemania 35 Predictions

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan [c] vs. Kofi Kingston

WWE 2K19

Can a B+ player really beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania? You better hope he can, or we riot! Kofi Kingston might be the most over superstar in the WWE and no one deserves their Wrestlemania moment more. Sadly, nobody showed 2K19 the script, as Daniel Bryan crushes our hopes and dreams.  – Ian

Winner – Daniel Bryan submits Kofi Kingston with the Yes Lock (7:57)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Probelieves #KofiMania is going to end with a relative whimper. I’m getting more and more worried things will actually go this way, but I hope it’s at least a better match than what we got here. Kofi got in some good offense, but only managed to hit one Trouble in Paradise a little too late. Bryan gets the dub here! – John

Winner: Daniel Bryan via LeBell Lock at 21:26 (73% match evaluation)

WWE Universal Title: Brock Lesnar [c] vs. Seth Rollins

WWE 2K19

Suplex city!!! Suplex city!!! Unsurprisingly, Seth is on the receiving end of a frankly irresponsible number of German Suplexes (suplices?). The competitors trade near falls — Seth kicks out after an F5 while Lesnar barely gets the shoulder up after a Ripcord Knee. When the dust settles, though, you can add Beastslayer to Seth’s growing list of monikers. – Ian

Winner – Seth Rollins pins Brock Lesnar after a Stomp (9:19)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Know this: Fire Pro edits of Brock Lesnar are mostly overpowered. Like hugely, hugely overpowered. This, uhhhh… probably won’t happen at WrestleMania, for story reasons, but who knows!  – John

Winner: Brock Lesnar via TKO (multiple F5s) at 7:52 (58% match evaluation)

WWE Raw Women’s Title (and Smackdown Women’s Title???): Ronda Rousey [c] vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair [c]

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 puts on an absolute exhibition for the Main event — including several huge chains of finishing moves and near falls that see Rousey escape from the Disarm-Her twice. Eventually the unthinkable happens; Becky is ejected from the ring and Rousey pins Charlotte Flair, who shouldn’t even have been in the match in the first place. Join me in praying that 2K19 is wrong. – Ian

Winner – Ronda Rousey pins Charlotte Flair after a Piper’s Pit (14:52)

Fire Pro Wrestling World

This match is probably going to rule IRL. It definitely ruled in Fire Pro, even though the result is probably 10 percent as likely to actually happen. I editorialized and guessed the match will be an elimination match to account for a “it’s two titles, so we need to be extra sure of who’s champion” kinda deal. – John

Winner: Becky eliminated Charlotte with a Disarm-Her at 18:58 and Ronda tapped out Becky with an armbar at 23:49 (90% match evaluation)