What Your Favorite Apex Legends Skin Says About You

Dressed to kill (and go back to the lobby)

There are a lot of cosmetics in Apex Legends. From fancy weapon skins to emotes to holosprays, Respawn Entertainment has introduced a lot of ways to customize your preferred legend. However, the most popular cosmetic are character skins which can range from the mundane to bizarre to downright incredible. Apex Legends has dozens upon dozens of skins, but some are more infamous than others. Below is a collection of some of the most popular skins and what it says about you if you wear them.

Bangalore – Crimson Queen

You really like watching ShivFPS and think you’re as good as him (you’re not). There’s a 60 percent chance you are going to smoke your own teammates and then blame them for not having a Digital Threat optic on their gun. You’re also willing to shoot smoke at your feet the second a bullet gets close to you just to go hide and recover 10 health behind a door. That being said, I can’t entirely blame you for using Crimson Queen. Bangalore has like four good skins at best, so y’all are kinda starving for quality outfits right now.

Bloodhound – Apex Hunter

You spent 160 dollars and want the entire community to know. Players rocking this skin either like the Predator-esque finisher or you feel obligated to wear Apex Hunter because you spent so much time leveling it up. Admittedly, it’s a great skin for those who aren’t into the more mythological and nature-based outfits that Bloodhound normally gets. Just expect to be mercilessly hunted down by other players. I swear people go out of their way to kill Bloodhound players using this skin.

Caustic – Freezer Burn

We need to talk if you wear this skin. Look, I know this is one of the rarer Caustic skins in the game, but you are lit up like a Christmas tree. Seriously, I can see your orange and blue glowing ass from across the map which means so can everyone else. This is basically playing Caustic on Hard mode since all your opponents need to do is shoot at the giant neon-colored target in the cloud of poison gas.

Crypto – The Hired Gun

Fellow Crypto players, I am begging you to pick another skin. We have so many incredible outfits for our favorite hacker boy and y’all keep using this basic gangster one from Season 3. No, the recolor of it doesn’t count. If anything, that lime green coat looks even uglier. You could be a vampire, steampunk captain, cyborg, or extra from a Mad Max movie, but you keep deciding that man in a warm coat is the look. It’s not.

Fuse – Broseiden

People who wear this either like Greek mythology or Kurt Russell. You also complain a lot about how Fuse’s ultimate should show the shark cannon when he’s holding Wally. I agree, but I beg you to give it a rest.

Gibraltar – Brudda Bear

Run if you see this skin. Drop everything you’re doing and run. I have never met a Gibraltar playing using Brudda Bear that wasn’t about to send me back to the lobby. Brudda Bear users have absolutely mastered the art of the bubble dance and will remind you of it every time you try to fight them. If you have to fight one of these shotgun-wielding maniacs, make sure to bring him down first otherwise he will punish you, your team, and everyone you ever played with. I swear, any player using this skin woke up and chose violence.

Lifeline – Judge Jury Executioner

You’re a support main who finally snapped. Maybe it was in a game of Overwatch or a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV, but you’re absolutely over people asking you for heals. Players with this skin are the first ones charging into every fight and performing a finisher on someone in the middle of a battle. Typically, Lifeline players using Judge Jury Executioner are surprisingly good at the game despite using one of the worst legends in the current meta. Also, you yell out “Call an ambulance, but not for me” like every game and still think it’s hilarious.

Loba – Breaking the Law

Loba is the background on your phone, your desktop, and you comment on Twitter constantly about how she needs a swimsuit skin. You’re down bad for Loba and proud of it. There’s also a good chance you never ping loot through walls and are considered the team hoarder despite not taking a ton of gear.

Octane – Sonic Boom

Oh my god, I am so sick of seeing this skin. I swear every Octane player uses this skin with the Fuel Injected banner and will charge into the enemy team with just a pistol. You’ve either mastered tap strafing or have no idea how to do it. However, players always have a hard time catching you when you’re the last on your team alive. There’s also a good chance you’ll use Stim while in the ring even if you don’t have any syringes or medkits.

Pathfinder – Elegant Mechanics

This skin makes me uncomfortable and I think you know that. I mean this skin gives him toes for God’s sake! Why!?

Wraith – Literally any skin where she’s bald

You’ve been maining Wraith since Apex Legends came out and barely touch the other legends. TTV is somewhere in your name despite how many people make fun of you for it. Every game is played like money is on the line, which means you are either good at this game or just think you are. Faide’s videos are in your Youtube recommended feed and you constantly zipline dance thinking people won’t hit you (they will). People always assume you are going to leave the game the moment you’re knocked so they don’t even get mad at you anymore. Wingman/R-99 is your go-to weapon combo despite missing 80 percent of your Wingman shots. But, once in a while you absolutely clutch a fight and it makes all the Wraith main jokes worth it.