We Showed Our Cats the Trailer to Cat-Game Stray

What do real felines feel about Stray, a game about being a cat?

Alongside the PlayStation 5, Sony showcased a few games that would be coming to the console in its June 2020 “Future of Gaming” showcase event. One of those titles, the cat game Stray, immediately caught the attention of every cat owner in the world because it looked a lot like playing as an actual cat. The animation seemed right, the cat seemed cute, and the world itself looked interesting (which, presumably, it must be to real cats because they spend so much of their time actively wrecking it).

People seemed to largely agree, as Stray has very quietly ascended the top-seller charts on Steam ahead of its July release, rubbing noses with major titles like Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V for brief periods. We wanted to see if cats have the same level of hype for Stray as the general human audience seems to, so we recorded a simple video. How do our own cats react to watching the latest Stray gameplay trailer? Well, let’s find out.

For a list of which cats belong to who:

  • Ori, Drake, Cami, and Finn – Editor-in-Chief Danielle Riendeau
  • Canti and Ramba – Senior Managing Editor Steven Strom
  • Mona – Managing Editor merritt k
  • Lucca and Robo – News Editor Imran Khan
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  • Midna and Grayson – Weekend Editor Andrea Shearon
  • Gogeta – Featured Contributor Fūnk-é Joseph

In their preview earlier this month, Fūnk-é described Stray as “the ultimate running-around-as-a-little-guy simulator.” Indeed, with buttons to mew at nothing in particular or to make biscuits with the appropriate force-feedback on the DualSense controller, there’s a lot Stray can offer for human players who want to experience being a cat.

Cats, however, seem far less interested. They don’t need to live out a fantasy of being an adorable furry creature trotting around the world, I guess. They can do that all they want and still sleep all day.

We told Stray developers BlueTwelve about the video and asked them if they think cats will enjoy it as much as humans.

“We definitely hope that cats as well as their owners will enjoy Stray!” BlueTwelve sent back. “During development, when our office cats (Oscar and Jun) started to react to what was going on on our screens, including reacting to a meow sound or trying to interact with the cat in the game during close cinematics, we knew that we were going in a good direction. We look forward to seeing how players’ cats will react too.”

They also supplied us with pictures of Oscar and Jun.

Oscar and Jun

Stray launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on July 19.