The Fanbyte Most Wanted of E3 2019: Rumors, Announcements, & Speculation

Our most anticipated items from the year's biggest games conference.

E3 might be losing its luster as it loses representatives in the games industry, but it’s still the biggest show in town. In years past, the event has introduced the world to some of the biggest hits and surprises in video games. This year will likely be no different! We’ve rounded up our editors (and some guests) to speculate about exciting announcements and our most anticipated announcements at E3 2019.

E3 2019: Most Anticipated Games & Announcements

New Xbox

Sure, my Xbox One is basically a Forza Horizon 4 player at this point, but it doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see what the new overpowered Microsoft console can do. I’m a sucker for new console hardware, even if I’m not psyched about the first party AAA games Microsoft typically makes. I don’t know if I’m ready for Halo As A Service, but the 3-4 games a year I decide to get on Xbox for parity purposes will probably look super good on the new version. Also, Game Pass rules. The more stuff that comes to Game Pass, the more likely I am to invest. Either way, I’ll be watching all 4.68 hours of Microsoft’s presser on Sunday the 9th. –John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

The Outer Worlds

I haven’t really, truly enjoyed a Fallout game in a while. Fallout 4 looked the part, but was already starting to show that Bethesda doesn’t actually understand what makes that series great. Fallout 76, on the other hand… Yeah. We don’t need to talk about that. But that’s exactly why I’m so excited for a “Fallout in Space,” from the studio that made New Vegas — the last game in the franchise I truly loved.

Even before Obsidian Entertainment truly started fiddly with its own intellectual properties, the studio was synonymous with making the messier, more interesting follow-ups to beloved RPGs. Before there was New Vegas, there were also Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2. These games took the solid, more polished framework of their predecessors, and delivered the really unique stories in those established worlds. Now Obsidian has literal, multiple worlds to play with in its latest game. I only hope the friction between the company and its former writer doesn’t cast a pall over the whole thing. –Steven Strom, Managing Editor


This one came out of nowhere for me. But Re:Legend describes itself as a “co-op monster raising RPG,” a secret combination of words that unlocks the part of my brain that wants to give people money. I’m getting real Fantasy Life vibes from this game, and that kind of thing is my bag baby. –merritt k, Managing Editor

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED’S followup to the transcendent Witcher 3 (and its wonderful DLC) is the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, based on the tabletop game made by Mike Pondsmith. Announced years ago and gameplay revealed last year, the game looks like it will combine the sensibilities CD Projekt RED is known for in the Witcher series with the DNA of games like Fallout or Deus Ex. We can almost guarantee Cyberpunk 2077 will go beyond those influences in meaningful ways, but I want to know if there’s anything actually interesting about the gameplay. Sure, cybernetic implants and branching narratives are cool, but they’re typically implemented in underwhelming ways. As for the writing? I hope the game steers closer to Witcher 3‘s finer quests and stays away from the folks who run CD Projekt RED’s social accounts. –John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

Halo Infinite

While we got a cool teaser trailer for Halo Infinite last year, this E3 I’m expecting more. At the very least I’m hopeful that we get a look at what the game is about. Right now it could be literally anything, except a Battle Royale apparently. I suspect we’ll get a story teaser which should at least confirm/deny whether we’re still rolling with Master Chief or not.

For a lot of folks, Halo still hasn’t been quite the same since 343 Industries took the reins from Bungie. As Infinite moves away from the numbered Halo installments, Infinite seems like a good chance for the studio to finally find its footing and set its own tone. –Dillon Skiffington, Content Editor

E3 2019: Rumors We Hope Are True


Bethesda has said their space-faring RPG won’t be making an appearance at E3 this year, but I don’t totally buy it. Elder Scrolls Blades is bad. Like really bad. Fallout 76 is…niche. DOOM Eternal will probably rule but for RPG-starved fans of the Bethesda school, Starfield reveled in some meaningful way would at least distract folks from the cold, dark reality that Bethesda hasn’t released a great original single-player RPG since 2008 (don’t @ me). -John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

Destiny 3

I fell into Destiny 2 in a big way earlier this year. And while I’m not exactly excited at the prospect of a new console generation, I am looking forward to more of Bungie’s weird space shooter. Season of Opulence just dropped and Shadowkeep is coming this fall, so I expect D3 will be a PS5 title. –merritt k, Managing Editor

Animal Crossing Switch

This is beyond rumor, but I’m still putting it here because I’ve been burned before. Animal Crossing New Leaf is the game that got me into the series and I want to go back. I want to go back very badly. The big worry for me, of course, is the creeping feeling that lessons learned from Pocket Camp will be the wrong ones. I want something pretty simple: a town of my own that I can take on the go and visit my friends when I want. I don’t want total connectivity. I don’t want a pressure-filled multiplayer experience. I want a chill zone I can take on the plane and play my virtual debt-eliminating life simulator. –John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

Dragon Age 4

Watching Bioware get dragged through the fiasco that is Anthem has been heartbreaking. I think the studio is in serious trouble, but a new Dragon Age might save them. Let’s just hope it isn’t Dragon Age: The Live Service.  –merritt k, Managing Editor

From Software X George R. R. Martin

Honestly, I don’t even care about the George R. R. Martin part. I fell off Game of Thrones (the TV series) a while ago. And while I like the Song of Ice and Fire books just fine, I’m always skeptical of “We got this TV writer, novelist, Hollywood actor, etc. for a video game.” It always feels like an unnecessary gimmick to lend an air of legitimacy when… the medium just doesn’t need it.

You know what does excite me, though? Another From Software game. Sekiro absolutely took my breath away earlier this year — in a way even this Dark Souls and Bloodborne fan didn’t expect. It showed there’s a lot of room for the studio to take its core ideas, chop, screw, remix, and blatantly avoid them in ways you never expected. It does feel a bit soon after Sekiro to announce an entirely new game, but I’m excited for whatever may come regardless. –Steven Strom, Managing Editor

Update: Hey! This one turned out to be true.

Fable 4

A new Fable has been rumored for what seems like forever. Fable Legends was announced way back in 2013 before being cancelled three years later. Since then the series has gone dark. Well, that is with the exception of all the Fable 4 leaks. This thing is happening at least for now, it’s just a matter of when. With Microsoft struggling to churn out first party exclusives, it makes sense that they’d announce another title in the series. –Dillon Skiffington, Content Editor

E3 2019: Total Shots In The Dark

Majora’s Mask of the Wild

Nintendo would be absolutely nuts not to slap a new game on top of their Breath of the Wild engine. The precedent is there, too, in multiple places. First, Ocarina of Time was followed closely by (the superior) Majora’s Mask, which felt like a weird cutting room floor of its predecessor. It was better for it. More recently, Super Mario Galaxy 2 took ideas Nintendo had to abandon from the prequel and made a game that, while maybe not as tight of a vision, was more fun to play moment-to-moment. It’s risky in a sense to even follow a game I consider one of the best ever, but Nintendo sometimes peppers in good risks to go with their total head-scratching decisions (Mario Maker 2’s matchmaking stuff). –John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

Ghosts of the Precursors

Is it still even happening? Who knows! But god help me I still want a true sequel to Star Control 2, one of my favorite games of all time. Star Control Origins doesn’t count. –merritt k, Managing Editor

A New Yoko Taro Game

We know Square Enix is showing new stuff at E3 this year. Outriders sounds suspiciously like a battle royale game to em — what with the conceit of cryogenically frozen colonists floating in orbit above a planet. And rumors that it might be a new game from Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly supports that it’s a shooter of some variety. But there’s plenty more room in that Square Enix E3 press briefing for other announcements. And the one I want most is a new Yoko Taro game.

It’s been about two years since Nier: Automata — which feels plenty long enough for the eccentric dev to get a new project underway. He is working on a Nier-centric raid for Final Fantasy 14, but that isn’t enough for me. I want a full-on sequel. Barring that, give me yet another new IP! Nier: Automata might as well have been set in a brand-new world anyway. Anything is fine, as long as I get more new games from Taro and his team. –Steven Strom, Managing Editor

Skies of Arcadia 2

Okay there’s like no good reason this exists but it if gets announced I’ll cry. Make it for Switch. Just do it. Don’t think about it, just do it. –John Warren, Editor-in-Chief

SNES and/or GBA Services on Switch

Please Nintendo, just give me this. It’s 2019 and nobody is excited about playing NES games anymore. –merritt k, Managing Editor

Splinter Cell 8

It’s been six years since Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Ubisoft has already brought back Ghost Recon, so why not Splinter Cell? Listen, we’re on our third iteration of Watch Dogs, surely a Splinter Cell reboot could do better or at least just as well? –Dillon Skiffington, Content Editor