Ranking Ellie’s PlayStation Shirts in The Last of Us Part I

Ellie finds a fashionable way to represent the home team.

The Last of Us Part I remake doesn’t do a whole lot new with the 2013 source material, but one thing I find delightful is it gives Ellie, the co-protagonist of the game, a series of skins (comprised of long-sleeve shirts under graphics tees) that reference other PlayStation franchises. And while I wasn’t able to play the game with her wearing them until completing the campaign, I immediately dumped points into buying all of them to try them on and rank them accordingly based on style, color, and maybe playing favorites based on whether I like the game it’s for.

So, without further ado, let’s rank Ellie’s PlayStation shirt skins in The Last of Us Part I.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Shadow of the Colossus Shirt
16. Shadow of the Colossus

What even is this, Ellie? This is just a series of words on a light blue shirt. There’s nothing here that embodies what the game is about, and the color scheme feels off considering the game is mostly brown and grey. Love the sky blue shirt, not feeling anything for this, and I loved Shadow of the Colossus back in 2005.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Ico Shirt

15. Ico

Much of the criticisms I had about the Shadow of the Colossus shirt hold true for the Ico one. But really, the thing that puts it above its spiritual sequel (prequel?) is the blinding mustard yellow color. It’s so ugly I can’t help but love it. Love how impractical it is for a character who has to stealth through areas and not be seen. Might as well wrap yourself in reflective tape and announce your presence to a pack of infected in this one. Points for boldness, though all those points are immediately lost as a pack of infected comes barreling toward you.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Horizon Shirt

14. Horizon

See, this one’s tough because I really like the color combination we’ve got going in Ellie’s Horizon shirt, but the design itself is very busy. We’ve got a silhouette of Aloy with images of an in-game environment inside. It’s lovely artwork I’d enjoy on a wall, but as a shirt, it just has a lot going on in small space. Good art, not so good shirt.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Returnal Shirt

13. Returnal

The Returnal shirt suffers from some of the same problems as the Horizon one, but maybe it’s because I never got around to playing Housemarque’s action game. The creature on Ellie’s shirt looks like a clicker from The Last of Us, and that just seems insensitive, to be honest. Do you know how many people you’re hanging out with that have lost friends and family to an infected using echolocation to find them in the dark? If it’s more than one, don’t wear this shirt around them, queen.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Uncharted 4 Shirt
12. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I love Uncharted 4 and I love the color scheme of blue and red, but the art of protagonist Nathan Drake donned on Ellie’s shirt here doesn’t do much for me. It’s hard to tell it’s even him. He’s facing away from the viewer in a way that just makes me wonder, “What is Nate doing here? Is he falling to his certain death from a crumbling platform of a civilization he came to pillage from? Or is he jumping down to land on top of someone who’s shooting at him?” I simply cannot tell, and the uncertainty makes me anxious. Do not wear this in front of me, Ellie, for it will cause me to ponder the possibilities for Nathan Drake and I can’t handle all those possibilities.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Resistance Shirt

11. Resistance

The Resistance shirt is where I think we enter the mid section of Ellie’s PlayStation shirts in The Last of Us Part I. These are ones with some pretty distinct qualities that put them above the lower rungs of the ladder, but are missing that special something that puts them at the top. The Resistance logo is understated here, the color scheme is good, dark enough to not draw unwanted attention, and really is just a solid tee and long-sleeve combo. But it also looks like the Punisher logo, and cops co-opted that shit and made it bad, actually. So it’s got to go at the bottom of this tier.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Days Gone Shirt

10. Days Gone

Like the Resistance one, the Days Gone shirt works because it’s understated and feels like a believable shirt without feeling overtly like a video game ad. The graphic on the shirt reads “ride the broken road, farewell original,” and has a dog biting through a chain on it. I don’t know what any of that means because I only played enough of Days Gone to know I didn’t like it, but it feels like it fits with Ellie’s rebellious teen demeanor.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Dreams Shirt

9. Dreams

Okay, my favorite part about the Dreams shirt isn’t the t-shirt — it’s the long-sleeve one Ellie wears under it. The turquoise matches the triangle in the Dreams art, and it’s such a lovely color it kicked up the shirt on this list all by itself. I’m a big fan, and I would love the logo on the purple shirt itself if it weren’t for the text, which keeps it from that understated side we like on this list.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Ratchet & Clank Shirt

8. Ratchet & Clank

Honestly, Ellie’s Ratchet & Clank shirt in The Last of Us Part I gets major points for the green long sleeves, and that the design just feels like a graphic tee a parent gets for their pre-teen kid. I like to imagine Joel recognized the characters from back in his day, and knew Ellie was into such nerdy shit like comic books and video games and wanted to buy it for her. Ratchet and Clank themselves are on the t-shirt, but it doesn’t sway me as much as the image of Joel picking this up as they passed through an abandoned shopping center.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Ghost of Tsushima Shirt

7. Ghost of Tsushima

I don’t really care for Ghost of Tsushima, but I like the slick design of Ellie’s shirt based on it in The Last of Us Part I. The white, red, and black color scheme is one of my favorites, and the design itself is subtle enough that it helps me get past how little this game did for me back in 2020.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Shirt

6. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

What makes the Lost Legacy shirt stand out above the Uncharted 4 one is that it is among the best that bring attention to the little details of wear and tear all these shirts have as interchangeable pallet swaps of Ellie’s default outfit. The design of an ancient artifact makes it feel and look old, and fits nicely with the tears and rough edges of Ellie’s shirt you can see especially at the collar.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Gran Turismo Shirt

5. Gran Turismo

I think the familiarity helps elevate Ellie’s Gran Turismo shirt, because its color scheme and design feels evocative of her default red t-shirt, black undershirt that she appears in much of the game. As such, it looks the best in a lot of shots because they were made with those colors in mind. But it does mean that it doesn’t stand out as well as the top tier ones we’re getting to right now.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Infamous: Second Son Shirt

4. Infamous: Second Son

Full disclosure: I fucking love Infamous, and am wearing a beanie from its special edition 75 percent of the time. But I also love the shirt Ellie can wear based on it in The Last of Us Part I because it’s one of the designs that nails the “has a cool design but doesn’t look like an ad has been plastered on the front of it.” The Delsin Rowe duality symbol is meant to symbolize the game’s binary morality system, but it just makes for a really good graphic on a t-shirt, too. Keep rocking it, Ellie.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I God of War Shirt


3. God of War

Alright so, these next three are pretty much flawless, in my eyes. Starting with the God of War shirt, which perfectly encapsulates what I talked about with the Infamous one in that it has an understated design, but also the dark blue on black color scheme is one of my favorites. It’s stylish without being over-the-top, and picks a visually distinct enough iconography that anyone who knows the game would know it without it having to slap the name across the logo. Ellie is doing Kratos and Atreus proud. You love to see it.

Ellie The Last of Us Part I Astro Shirt

2. Astro

Perfect colors. We love to see shades that are just close enough to feel compatible but also clash in their dissimilarity. It’s bold, bright, and Astro is exactly the right level of sleek in his design that he doesn’t come off like the Horizon one where the inclusion of the character feels disruptive.

1. Sly Cooper

Perfect. No notes. Make Sly Cooper 5, Sony, for fuck’s sake.

Honorable mentions for games that aren’t here:

  • Where is PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale? Give me a fucking mess of characters on a shirt so ugly I can’t help but be repulsed by it and remember we never got a sequel that could do right by the premise.
  • RIP to Ape Escape, which I’m sure Fanbyte Guides Writer Collin MacGregor would have loved to have seen represented here.
  • Medievil, but I’m sure any picture with Sir Daniel Fortesque’s head would have just looked like the Resistance shirt.
  • Parappa the Rapper didn’t get his driver’s license through the power of song to be disrespected like this.
  • Killzone…actually, nevermind.
  • Gravity Rush, because come on, a black shirt with the mystical cat Dusty vibing in the middle of it would be a slay for the end of days.
  • Knack, I mean, you made a second game for him, Sony, at the expense of so much else. You could at least throw him a bone in The Last of Us Part I.
  • I’m also incredibly surprised LittleBigPlanet wasn’t represented here considering how big the series was during the PlayStation 3 era, and even persisted in the years since.
  • And Tearaway, but perhaps no one wants to draw attention to the time when Sony wasn’t just chasing the prestige high of The Last of Us and was making really experimental shit.