Introducing Fanwidth: The Official Fanbyte Podcast – Apex Xehanort

Hey there everyone! Welcome to Fandwidth. It’s our official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, the world, and sometimes even video games. It’s a lot of fun and very informative (if you like being informed about overly complicated lore and the dangers of the free market). If that sounds appealing to you, read on and give us a download! We promise you (probably) won’t regret it.

Each week our hosts will dive deep on the biggest topics affecting our culture around the world (sometimes with the help of a few guests). For now, though, Steven, merritt, and Dillon take a critical look at Apex Legends, Anthem, and Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s shaping up to be a big few months here at the start of 2019. And we barely even talked about Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter (the old one)! Just what are we going to do for the rest of February and March? We’re already so very tired…

Now join us in our joy and occasional disappointment as we ask the important questions. How do you make a Nobody name with so many consonants? Where the robots at? And how much longer are we going to wait before overthrowing capitalism?

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for another roughly 60 minutes of pure audio goodness. And hey! If you’ve already read this far, why don’t you head on over to iTunes and give Fanwidth a rating and review? It really does help (seriously) and would mean the absolute world to us. And if you like our show, or have suggestions and questions for next episode, leave a comment below! Steven reads all of them and just might mention your query in the future.

Discussed on this episode: the Anthem demo, Apex Legends, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fashion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.