Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Video Preview

Yer a trainer, Harry!

Are you one of those people always taking Sorting Hat quizzes and going like “I’m totally not a Ravenclaw lol” and then all your friends are like “you’re TOTALLY a Slytherin” and you’re like “I’m so dark and mysterious lmao” and they’re like “I’m a Hufflepuff because I just like to bake snickerdoodles in a scarf” and they’re right because that’s what Hufflepuffs do?

It’s cool! I get it. Soon, Niantic (the makers of Pokemon Go) will allow you to download a game that will probably completely consume your life. Video producer Frank takes you on a tour of what we know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, coming sometime this year.

We know quite a bit already, but can you even imagine what The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is going to be like when this launches? Bananas.