Fortnite’s Indiana Jones Quests, As Explained by Indiana Jones Movies

A brief investigation into the Fortnite Indiana Jones quests, from the movies that inspired them.

I’ve been enjoying Fortnite’s big update today, with all the Indiana Jones quests and goodies, though I still think it’s funny that a large chunk of the game’s demographic wasn’t around yet for much of Professor Jones’ tenure. When asked, Fanbyte Editorial intern Charles Harte (a noted member of gen Z) stated that he knew about Indiana Jones mostly from Lego Indiana Jones, which, I get, honestly.

Raiders of the Lost Ark — by far and away the best film in the series — predates even me, in 1981. Its mostly terrible and racist sequel, the Temple of Doom, is exactly as old as I am, having launched in 1984. The second best movie arrived in 1989 (the Last Crusade, where the meme of the old knight crumbling to dust comes from). The… I don’t even know what to call it, I guess the Shia Labeouf-ed up later sequel, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, actually came onboard the same year as Lego Indiana Jones (2008). Despite the fact that another film is planned in the franchise, it’s certainly been a minute for the storied adventure series.

Fortnite Indiana Jones 2

Professor Jones’ antics do lend themselves pretty nicely to Fortnite quest design, at least, most of the stuff he does that’s not directly involved with being a hot professor. I’ve been tackling the quests more or less how they’re presented to me, and you can also consult our fantastic guides on the Indiana Jones Fortnite quests, courtesy my colleague Diego. 

Here are a few obvious points of cinematic inspiration for the quests, in case your archeology license is a little rusty (or, you know, you were born way after any of this stuff hit theaters). 

Use the Grapple Glove To Swing Off Trees 10 Times

Now, this was my first Indiana Jones quest, and it did give me pause, to some extent. Dr. Jones does not have access to a purple, glowing grapple glove that hangs out in neon-colored tents with pumping EDM. However, he does a fair share of vine swinging, rope-swinging, almost-falling down rope bridges but not quite in several of his outings.

Remember the vine-swinging scene in Crystal Skull? I guess, technically it’s Mutt (Labeouf’s character) doing most of the swinging, and, for some reason, meeting the… monkey with the pompadour in the trees. 

Indiana himself has also, of course, been known to swing on unstable ropes and vines from time to time! Or at least use them to climb up. It all fits the “adventure traversal” paradigm nicely, even with a few liberties taken in the specifics.

Collect the Durrrburger Relic From The Temple and The Ruins in a Single Match

Grabbing relics from temples is what Indiana Jones does. It’s most of his reason for living and being a touch-culturally-insensitive… adventure archeologist. The Temple run scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark (embedded just above) is maybe the most classic example here, but he’s really into this kind of stuff throughout the films.

Search 5 chests at Shifty Shafts

Dr. Jones is into treasure, you could say. Sure, he’ll say it’s of great scientific value, etc. but my guy is kind of a pirate if you look at him with a particular lens. Shifty Shafts also looks close enough to some part of the Temple Of Doom Set (particularly the bits around the runaway minecart sequence) that this was an easy graft. 

Do 500 damage to opponents while riding in or standing on a vehicle

Certainly, there are a lot of action scenes in the Indiana Jones oeuvre that include vehicular combat. The truck scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic, as is the tank scene in The Last Crusade (content warning: the enemy soldiers in the movie are nazis. Indiana Jones usually kicks a lot of nazis’ asses in these movies, which is pretty rad.)

However, when I personally went for this achievement, I was most inspired by a much earlier Steven Spielberg movie, Duel. I ran around terrorizing other players in a monstrous semi truck until Dr. Jones approved and I got my quest points. 

fortnite duel indiana jones
Duel (1971), as reenacted in Fortnite, 2022

Make runaway boulders roll for 100 meters in a single match

There’s a reason that so many things here reference the temple run: it’s one of the most iconic scenes in adventure cinema! And there’s almost no way this quest isn’t a direct play on it. In filming Raiders, Ford actually did his own stunts with the boulder prop (which was actually huge and heavy, albeit less huge and heavy than an actual boulder), which is sort of terrifying to think about 41 years later.

Do 750 damage to opponents with a pistol

This is likely in honor of another iconic scene in movie history, mainly for its backstory: Hollywood legend (and the actor himself) tells of a more elaborate fight sequence that just wasn’t in the cards, as much of the cast (and crew) suffered food poisoning. Ford suggested the change himself, when he was simply too sick to do the more active scene.

harrison ford tunisia scene

It’s a great story! And a pretty great scene overall, though, I genuinely feel bad for everyone involved, including the stunt person who trained for months only to just kinda get… shot.