Fanbyte’s Best of January 2019

I keep writing 20HELL on all my checks, amirite???

Anyway, January’s end is upon us and your friendly neighborhood Fanbyte is looking back at the pieces we’re most proud of from the month.


Lists, they’re just so numerical and gosh darn easy to digest, you know? Here are some of our best eyeball-grabs of the month, for your chuckletime pleasure. My favorite? Jordan’s list about Leon Kennedy and Supernatural had me convinced that I’ve actually seen all 47,934 episodes of Supernatural.


Our feature writers cover local events, cultists, frogs, Overwatch’s dodgy history with LGBTQ+ representation, and more. My favorite from this month? Probably our overserious dive into Lucio-Ohs using Andrew’s food science degree.

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Puzzle


Only three reviews this month, but they were doozies in either direction! Surprise, Resident Evil 2 and Ace Combat 7 update their respective profiles to be excellent 2019 games while YIIK made me rage against a doof protagonist for 20 hours.

ace combat 7 dog


You might have noticed this month was a bit erratic (and as of this writing there are seven missing entries). Don’t despair! I’m just super behind! I’ll catch up to this this weekend and start fresh for February. My can’t-miss for January? It’s all about Kenny Omega’s awful Razer pants!

Anthem Colossus Class Image


I have all of these games from the holidays, but I have no idea how to play them! What’s even a hitbox! Hit the A button? When? Too much to keep track of. My favorite pieces from this month involved Resident Evil 2, a game I’m so scared of I consistently unload 15-24 bullets into each zombie.