Fanbyte’s Best of February 2019

The Apex Legends taught us how to love, laugh, and smooch

February…the shortest month but the greatest month??? I don’t know. For us, it was pretty great! We had Kiss Week, a five-day celebration of smooches which was so nice we think we’ll do it again next year! We also had some amazing content from our team of extraordinarily talented writers. Oh and Apex Legends and Anthem were released within 14 days of each other and wow were y’all excited about those or what?

Kiss Week

Kiss Week was born when I offhand referred to the week of Valentine’s Day as “Kiss Week by Fanbyte.” Shockingly, it was as well-received as any spur-of-the-moment garbage that has ever come out of this mouth. I’ll take it! This was a great excuse for our staff and team of writers to pull out all the stops on everything having remotely to do with love. We even threw in an impassioned letter to Activision Blizzard following their heinous 800-person layoff. My personal favorite? Avelene’s piece on Dragon Age romance had writers at BioWare discussing their psyches on Twitter and that’s good enough for me!

Apex Legends Weapons Ranked


February had some major releases, none more surprising (or important, imo) as Apex Legends. This scrappy battle royale underdog stole the hearts of this office and it seems like it’s still making quite a splash, turning into the #2 (or #1, depending on the day) game in the genre overnight. We’re starting to review TV shows and movies, too, starting with Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. Our reviewer liked it a bit more than I did, but I am a sucker for dancing to Tiffany in my childhood bedroom.


Wow, we really went all out on lists in February, holy smokes. I was going to keep it to five, but I couldn’t. I even wrote a few that appeal to basically .03% of our readership, which is a great way to grow a web site dot biz.There are a ton of highlights, but I have to give it up to Steven’s ranking of Apex weapons in order of how well he can remember their names. Honorable mention goes to the extremely timely piece about dispelling union myths.



February was really an embarrassment of riches if you want insightful commentary on everything from esports to horror prestige TV to the very 2019 moods of Drakengard. My personal choice from February? The first three parts of Gretchen-Felker Martin’s (welcome, by the way!) look at Channel Zero. Also, that fucking nightmare up there with the Boss Baby. Wow.


I’m adding a Media section going forward because, surprise, we’re making more video and podcasts! That’s fun! Our podcast, Fanwidth, really hit its stride in February. My pick this month is the premiere of Tinker, which focuses on the history of the video game jump. Ryan also goes into the mechanics of jumping, which is unfamiliar to me on a personal level!


We’ve turned microreviews into more a curated affair. I think it works better. My favorite was Fanbyte’s official review of Kingdom Hearts 3 by way of observation.


This month, it was all about Apex and Anthem. There was other stuff, too. Barely. My favorites? Our “what does X not tell you” guides for both of those guides. So helpful in a pinch!

That’s all for February 2019! Have a great March!