Fanbyte vs. Dracula Team Meeting: Can and Should We Kill Dracula?

More like FANGbyte (we've used this joke before).

Dracula. He’s bad news! At the same time, he’s very sexy and cool and we all love him. This presents a conundrum for the Fanbyte staff. With our unlimited resources, boundless skill, and impeccable fashion sense only we stand a chance against the Lord of the Night. But at what cost would such a plan — a coordinated plan to attack and dethrone Dracula — entail?

We decided the address this dilemma in the most efficient way possible: with a PowerPoint presentation. Team meeting leader LB Hunktears leads the charge as we weight the costs and benefits of killing the progenitor of all vampires across the face of the Earth, now in video on demand.

killling dracula
Some important details from the discussion.

How much will it cost? How dangerous is it? What are our odds of success? Who is Dracula and where is he now? These are just some of the many questions asked (and empirically answered) in the first-ever Fanbyte Vs. Dracula Team Meeting, which we streamed live to our Twitch channel in the hopes of gaining public feedback from more potential impaler impalers. Not to mention to make the bloodsucker sweat a little (we know you’re watching, Vlad).

Now, in the form of this archived video on demand, you can join us on this journey through the pros and cons of killing Dracula. We’re pretty sure we can do it.