Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month: Gogeta

Meet Gogeta, a fiery force full of furballs

Full name: Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 Jacobs

Owner: Fūnk-é Joseph, Featured Contributor

Nicknames: Gogeta, Gogo, Gojo, baby boy, baby

Age: 13

Likes: Running around like a little guy, curling into a croissant, knocking on the door to leave and then coming back moments later, plants, eating dirt, purring, meowing, looking out the window, his brother Joemama, wet food.

Dislikes: Being rubbed on his stomach for too long, loud noises, the airport, people he doesn’t know, most dry food

Talents: Jumping, wet nose, great at finding hiding places, distinct meow, massaging legs, massive fluff, feline sleuth 

Weaknesses: Water, the center of his stomach, raccoons

Instagram: @Jogocats

Gogeta meowing, as he does. He probably wants wet food.

I first met Gogeta back in 2008, packed in a car with my cousin, my mom, and my childhood best friend. Someone at my mom’s work was incredibly stressed because her cat had a litter of kittens, and my mom, knowing I wanted cats, seized the opportunity quickly. We hopped out the car and saw a mixture of different patterned American Shorthair and Maine Coon kittens from all across the color wheel, and my eyes were glued on the two black and white ones. They looked like cows and I would love them forever. I picked up the one who looked the sweetest and least intimidating, naming him Joemama (after a knock knock joke that was very popular in grade 4). I also picked up his brother, a brave kitten who injured his eye at an early age after a scuffle with one of his brothers. That’s the king we all love and know, Gogeta.

Raising two cats is an incredible experience. These boys fought and hugged and explored and ran everywhere together. There were moments where they were very clearly getting on each others nerves, and there were moments where they couldn’t be separated. As indoor cats, they were curious as to what was beyond that glass door in the back, about what secrets lay in the backyard just outside their reach. A couple times they bolted out for the night, and ran back the next morning with a worried face, waiting to get back inside. I bought two cat leashes so they could have a more guided experience in the backyard, and Joemama was petrified of the outdoors, teetering just on the side of the screen door as to not get too far out. Gogeta, on the other hand was pushing the leash to its limits, running through the garden with his toe beans and a keen eye looking for escape routes. Two wonderful boys.

Unfortunately last January Joemama started to get sick, and it was a devastating experience for everyone. He passed away and it left an unfillable void in my heart. It made me realize that death is a cruel pool that we’re all wading in, and all you can do is make sure you make the biggest splash with your time on Earth. I know Joemama did. A shining superstar that touched people’s lives both online and in real life, and he’ll be remembered forever as a legendary cat just like his brother.

Joemama (left) and Gogeta (right) spending time together in the backyard. #twins

A few days ago I went on a journey with Gogeta to move him cross-province to the new city I live in. It was one of the most stressful times of both of our lives, but we made it! And he’s settled in. He definitely misses my mom, and she misses him too. But he’s already met my roommate and a few of my friends. It’s amazing seeing him explore curious spaces, it throws me back to the days of when he was just a wee lad.

I’m honored to have a companion like Gogeta. A wild card with a heart of gold. He carries on his brother’s legacy, and never fails to brighten up my day. I hope everyone can find a connection that is as fulfilling as the bond I have with Gogeta and Joemama. Truly awesome dudes, forever and always.