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Fanbyte Staff Guesses the Subtitle For Final Fantasy Remake Part III

We have Remake, Rebirth, what's next?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced earlier today, finally revealing the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. Well, it wasn’t known to be a trilogy until today, when Yoshinori Kitase on stream revealed that there are three games planned for the Remake story. The first, obviously called Final Fantasy VII Remake, had a layered meaning: It is a remake of Final Fantasy VII but it is also about characters trying to remake aspects of the story to their own ends.

The next game, Rebirth, likely has a lot to do with Cloud, Sephiroth, and Jenova, all of whom undergo various stages of “rebirth” throughout the game. It also serves as a double meaning, with the end of the first game openly stating that this version of Final Fantasy VII’s story has not been told, so the further events are a rebirth for the narrative.

Kitase revealed the logo for the third game as a silhouette, stating that they are not ready to reveal the subtitle for it yet. They have, however, already begun work on the title. As such, considering this site is sometimes known for leaks and sometimes known for getting very lucky, it made sense for us to guess what we think the title of the third game will be. And what better way to do it than to give everyone five minutes to type in as many guesses as possible into the Slack channel before I start writing this piece?

According to the Fanbyte Staff, here’s what we think the third game in the remade Final Fantasy VII series will be named:

  • Reincarnation
  • Resurrection
  • Replicant
  • Redo
  • Revivification
  • Remodel
  • Revealtrailer
  • Rectum
  • Revelations
  • The Ragin’ Climax, like WrestleMania 15
  • Receive (Adoption papers for Sephiroth)
  • Rebuild
  • Retire
  • 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
  • Re:Zero
  • Relish
  • Remove
  • Rateyourprofessor
  • Remedy
  • Reversereverse
  • Relax (in Sephiroth’s firm embrace)
  • Reggie (starring Reggie Fils-Amie)
  • Revival
  • Retcon
  • Remember
  • Ramen Place
  • Revengeance
  • Recycle! Gotta go recycle
  • Rise, Revolt, Revenge
  • Resetera
  • Redeeznuts
  • Readabook

Possibly some good options in there, I’d definitely be down for Revengeance. What do you think the third game will be named? Let us know in the comments. Especially if you’re Yoshinori Kitase. Kitase-san, you can use a pseudonym if you want.

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