Fanbyte Highlights of 2018

Folks, it’s been quite a year. For us here at Fanbyte, it’s been about a quarter year mad dash to get the best content we can muster in front of your eyeballs.

We’ve done a good job, too! Here are some highlights from 2018 all in one place for your reading pleasure.

able sisters sonic super smash bros ultimate


We’re not totally surprised y’all spent the most time this year on a list about smooching Dark Souls bosses. We get it. Expect more vital content like this in 2019. We also had a lot of opinions about characters that should and shouldn’t be in Smash Ultimate. A personal favorite of ours involved taking a look at what else Bethesda can fumble with Fallout 76.

teemo league of legends


Our developers have been doing work for years on tools like our League of Legends model viewer. We love providing this kind of stuff and we hope to bring you improvements to existing tools and new tools next year. Also, Nico Deyo’s piece about Ashe is one of our favorites and resonated with a lot of you, as well.

Finally, Red Dead 2 got the LEGO treatment from video producer Ben and it turned out infinitely better than we expected (and we expected a lot).

forza horizon 4 snow


We’ve laid out our three best-reviewed games of 2018 and our three lowest-reviewed games of 2018. There are some surprises here, too! We can’t believe Terence actually reviewed The Quiet Man for us but hey, he’s a pro.

zan microreview


We’re dedicated to reviewing everything from video games. Everything. We’ve only just begun. Here are some highlights.


Don’t look now, but we have some of the best guide content you’ll find anywhere on the internet. The whole internet. Really. Y’all couldn’t get enough of our Destiny 2 guides and we’re too far behind on Smash Ultimate, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Overwatch. No exaggeration, Tyler Colp’s guides have caused three of our staffers to go back to Overwatch after a hiatus.

We had a really busy, really fun 2018. There’s much to do in 2019, but we’re so happy you’ve come to hang out with us for a while this year. Expect more video, more streams, more ridiculous lists, more guides for your favorite games, and more excellent insight into an industry that needs it.