A List of Possible Plot Twists in Chapter 5 of Digimon Survive

Please do not post about these events without a spoiler tag.

Digimon Survive is now out worldwide, and players everywhere are enjoying their adventures in the digital world. The game didn’t receive much pre-release advertising, nor did outlets receive advance review copies — and most strangely of all, Bandai Namco Asia tweeted earlier this week, asking that players not reveal any story developments beyond chapter five. What could occur beyond that point? I asked Fanbyte staff to speculate on what they thought might be the big narrative development that Bandai Namco wanted to keep a secret.

For my part, I think it turns out at that point that the game takes place in a universe much like ours, where Digimon are fictional characters. In chapter five, you learn that your character has been in a coma the whole time, The Odysseystyle, and that the digital world and all of your Digimon friends are just in your mind. Meanwhile, your friends and family are waiting patiently by your hospital bed, urging you to wake up.

Some other possibilities:

  • You were a Digimon the entire time
  • The earth has been reduced to a barren hellscape by climate change and humans are migrating en masse to the digital world
  • Agumon is the reincarnated spirit of your dead brother
  • The Digimon you were trying to rescue was dead the whole time and the game throws the many atrocities you have committed throughout back in your face, asking if you enjoy the killing
  • Myotismon was manipulating you the entire time through use of the phrase “Would you digi-kindly”

Digimon Survive

Anyway, here’s what my coworkers thought:

Fūnk-e Joseph, Featured Contributor — “The Digimon don’t actually survive.”

Nerium, Senior Managing Editor — “Every Digimon you beat in combat during the first four chapters form a league of jobber Digimon that combine their powers (literally) by crawling all over each other and locking hands to form an enormous, unwieldy Voltron Digimon to beat you up.”

Imran Khan, News Editor — “It turns out Pokemon evolve into Digimon.”

Jordan Mallory, Senior Podcast Producer — “You watch an Angemon poop.”