8 Killers We Should Date in a Hooked on You: A DBD Dating Sim Sequel

Dead by all the killers we want to date.

In this week’s stream celebrating the sixth anniversary of Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive showed it isn’t a coward. For years, fans of the asymmetrical horror multiplayer game have expressed the desire to kiss survivors and killers alike. Behaviour has seen the thirst and done what few developers have: embrace rather than reject or merely tolerate. The developer has announced Hooked on You, a dating sim starring four of the deadly foes players can face in Dead by Daylight. Come summertime, perhaps the only pain you’ll have to fear at the hands of The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit is the pain of heart pangs as you fall in love.

While this is a marvelous first group with plenty of charms, Behaviour has left the door open for romances with other killers. Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships for Behaviour Interactive, says that while this is the first visual novel in the Dead by Daylight universe, it is unlikely to be the last. “We’ve opened a box here that our fans will never let us close again,” he tells Kotaku. “Not that we would want to anyway.”

He’s certainly correct in the observation that we wouldn’t let Behaviour close this now-open pandora’s box. It’s difficult to pick whom we’d like to romance next among 28 killers, but we’ve thought long and hard — like the chases these killers will make you go on — about it. We’ve emerged on the other side of The Fog with a list of the next bachelors and bachelorettes we’re most eager to get a (figurative) slice of in the future.

The Plague

It would be wrong to start with anyone other than Vommy Mommy. Yes, she’s constantly ejecting the most putrid-looking bile possible from her mouth. Yes, that probably means she has bad breath. But she makes up for it with immaculate fashion taste and an enviable posture. She never needs to see a chiropractor. Ballet dancers hate her. Models and fashion magazine editors want to be her.

Everyone talks about how she’s always puking, but nobody wonders why she’s always puking. Maybe she’s lovesick and waiting for a cure to come along — naturally, that’s where you come in. Perhaps true love’s kiss is what will make all the throwing up go away. Instead, it will be everyone else who constantly wants to throw up because you’re just so cute together. While she was alive, Adiris was known for her devotion to her beliefs. If the only way to cure yourself of her vile purge is to drink from the Pool of Devotion, then maybe the best way for the High Priestess of Babylon to heal from her painful past is to have your devotion. Have a little faith.

The Cenobite

We have to get this one in there for those inclined to have a little more dangerous fun. Given Pinhead’s immediately obvious potential in a dating sim, Behaviour probably wanted to ease us in and hold back for now. I can’t see him as a romance option who would commit; instead, his route would embody the simultaneous pain and pleasure he enjoys exploring. He seems to know how to always remain in control and would use his chains to keep you at arm’s length. Being his plaything? Yes. Being his romantic partner for life? Seems less likely.

You’ll have to get it into his head and make him know you’re worth it, and unfortunately, doing so means first getting through all those pesky pins. Speaking of which, that would make him hard to kiss, huh? But if you’re yearning for the Cenobite, you’re someone who likes a challenge, to begin with. Just like what hides under those robes is a mystery, so are your long-term romantic prospects with him. If he’s to become willing to dedicate himself only to you, I imagine it would take a lot of work. Will you get to say you opened the box holding his heart, and he came? Only time will tell.

The Ghost Face

On the other, vanilla end of the spectrum — as vanilla as you can get when dating a serial killer, at least — is Ghost Face. Yes, he has a mask. But his name is Danny Johnson — this is honestly just a regular white dude. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though; after all, he has a mask. The possibilities are endless. Maybe he’s actually a little freakier than you’d expect, refusing to take off the mask even in the most exciting of encounters. Or maybe he’s actually quite shy; maybe he has social anxiety, and his mask is a way of protecting himself from the rest of the world.

You also can’t go wrong with someone who wears a full face mask in today’s world — it’s so much better than someone who goes out without a mask at all. You can rest assured that you’re dating someone who is always considerate of everyone’s health. Much like his overall look, you’d generally face very few complications with Ghost Face. A simple dude like him, aside from his love for stabbing people, is rare. Maybe that simplicity is exactly what you need and deserve.

The Trickster

This is an obvious pick, so much that Behaviour may have foregone including Ji-Woon among the first dateable killers in order to avoid being seen as predictable. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s so hot that any list like this one is incomplete without him. There’s really not much else to it — he was made to capitalize on the community’s killer thirst and comment on our attraction to danger. He’s conventionally gorgeous, and that might make him lack flavor for some, but it doesn’t take away from the fact he’s beautiful.

I see The Trickster’s route as possibly imitating Shuu’s from Hatoful Boyfriend. Just really dark and disturbing, especially to compensate for the safety Ji-Woon visually provides as a human and very pretty killer. I welcome it. Overall, I feel like things probably wouldn’t work out in the long term with Ji-Woon, but he’d give you a hell of a show and leave you always wanting an encore.

The Artist

We all need an artist in our life — someone who can paint the world for us in different shades and new lights. Carmina can be that person for you. She’s capable of so much more too. Just look at her arms — they’re not what we traditionally think of when we point out arms as attractive, sure. Hers are razor-thin and seemingly off-putting rather than buff and inviting. But they’re inviting in a different sense — you just have to open your third eye to see it. Think about it: they’re long enough to hold you tight and wrap around your whole body. Times are tough, and we all need to be held in squeamishly long arms every now and then.

Carmina is overall a pretty lady, with legs and a neck as long as her arms. Like any great artist, it’s clear she cares about proportions. I can recognize this as both a bisexual woman and an intellectual. But even more important than her looks or goth girlfriend vibes is the fact that she comes in a package with her crows. You get a girlfriend and a pet, or ten — and they’re far easier to take care of than a dog or cat. Or a human child. You really can’t go wrong with Carmina.

The Executioner

I don’t know if this one needs much of an explanation. It’s Pyramid Head. I know we just went over the potential appeal of Carmina’s scarecrow-like arms, but that doesn’t mean the perks of arms like his will ever decline. Look at them, at his ass, at him. And if he wields more than just one Great Knife… need I say more? Let’s not get into the unused tongue model. If you know, you know.

There are some obvious practical difficulties, of course. For one, what side of the pyramid do you kiss? Does he prefer kisses on the front, the base of the triangle? Forehead or, in this case, apex kisses? Maybe on the side? If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, this only means more opportune places to kiss. You generally probably have to be that kind of person to make it work with Pyramid Head, as you’ll have to get past the fact he’s always covered in blood and doesn’t seem too amenable to taking off the pyramid helmet. But for a man like that, I think many will agree with me in saying he’s worth it.

The Pig

While a few suitors on this list would probably have a hard time committing, Pig isn’t one of them. Compared to a lot of killers who use ranged weapons in Dead by Daylight, Amanda uses a small blade. She’s clearly a woman who keeps her cards close and her victims closer, so imagine how great she could be at giving affection. You get what you give with her.

Amanda doesn’t play games — at least aside from the ones she’ll make survivors partake in. Certainly not when it comes to love. She’s been through a lot and deserves the same kind of dedication she showed Jigsaw, and you might just be the perfect person to give it. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to have fun, though! She walks around wearing a pig mask, so she clearly has a sense of humor. It’s a great mask, especially because it’s so tempting to boop her nose at all times. I deeply believe she has the potential to be the sweetest partner on this list, and the only way for Behaviour to prove me wrong (or right) is by letting us date her.

The Nemesis

Before we begin with our last pick: I’m not gonna touch on the tentacle part, y’all freaky. I know y’all out there, though.

Instead, I’m going to talk about other potential charm points. For one, he’s very beefy. He looks like excels at making you feel safe when hugging you and would be the perfect partner to carry a heavy box or reach the top cabinet for you. You can make him do all the chores around the house while you focus on work, so he’d be a great match for the ambitious and career-driven. Also, let’s talk about his teeth for a second. Compared to our first suitor on this list, Nemesis probably has excellent dental hygiene. They are aesthetically pretty nice, and good hygiene is always a plus.

Perhaps he generally excels at taking care of himself, including carving out time for self-care. We all need a partner who encourages us to practice that more often. He may be a bio-organic weapon, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a heart as big as his chest. You never need to doubt his loyalty to you, for once he begins a chase, he’s not bound to stop. He chased Jill around Racoon City and wasn’t in love with her — imagine the lengths he’ll go to for the person he is in love with. If you ignore (or approve of) the tentacle and zombie lackeys, that lucky person could be you.

I’m so happy to see Behaviour is doing a project like this — it’s the kind of (data-supported because communities want this kind of thing!) risk I’d like to see more developers take. I hope it’s a wonderful success because it could pave the way for other major franchises to do something similar — imagine how much excitement a Final Fantasy XIV dating sim would spark, for example. I’m just hoping the same successful data-gathering has also indicated NFTs should be off the table in Dead by Daylight‘s future.

If you’re looking to play some visual novels before Hooked on You arrives at some point over the summer, be sure to check our recommendations for the best ones. Dead by Daylight‘s next chapter, The Roots of Dread, will be released on June 7.