5 Questions with Robert Schuster

Welcome to 5 Questions, a column where we ask games developers, writers, and others involved in the industry questions that have nothing to do with games. In this edition, we spoke to Robert Schuster, a Senior Systems Designer on Destiny 2 who previously did R&D on Magic: The Gathering. You can follow Robert on Twitter at @RobertJSchuster.

What’s your morning routine?

I’m up at or before 6AM to get in 30-45 minutes of cardio in VR or Just Dance before a quick shower. Then I’m taking over from my daughter’s night nurse and getting her ready for the day. She’s four and really into watching musicians playing instruments right now so we put some Vivaldi from YouTube up on the TV for that.

Next I get her set up with her iPad on the couch while I make myself a cup of coffee. Then we’ll play some iPad together until her brother, who’s 10, gets done with his wake-up routine. Then he and I play a round of Fortnite or something from Game Pass until my wife is ready to take him to school. After they’re out the door and my daughter’s day nurse shows up, I’m on to checking my work email for urgent issues while walking the dog.

Once I’m back from that, it’s usually about time for my first morning meeting.

What are some things you use everyday that you’d enthusiastically recommend?

I’m currently obsessed with the feel of the Glorious Panda Lubed Mechanical Keyboard Switches. They have such a nice smooth keypress with a satisfying “thok” as they bottom out that makes typing feel so good.

If you have cold toes like me and/or have slippy flooring in your place, I heartily recommend Bombas’ Gripper Slippers. They feel like a warm hug on your tootsies and just get washed along with your other laundry, no fuss.

Read any good books lately? Listen to any good records?

I’m a slow reader and generally don’t like crime drama but I’m a quarter of the way into John Darnielle’s Devil House and love the journey it’s taking me on.

Records though, I’m really into. In the afternoons I have my place to myself so if my meetings aren’t too heavy, I can squeeze in two to three albums on the record player at a decent volume without disturbing anyone. The five I have off the shelf right now that I think are incredible working music are:

  • Lizzo – Cuz I Love You
  • Demon’s Souls Original Soundtrack
  • Persona 5 Soundtrack
  • Mountain Goats — Goths
  • Led Zeppelin — IV

What’s an item of clothing you’re really into right now?

Oh my gosh I recently picked up a tie-dye tee from a Tiktok ad for Onebone (a Canadian plus-size guys clothing brand) and it’s so soft and comfy and I ordered every color of it right away. Whenever I take it off, I tend to find my cats snuggled up on it so they seem to enjoy it too.

What’s one thing you’d like to do more of?

Pre-pandemic, we used to host a bunch of social events around holidays with friends like us that didn’t have local family to celebrate with. Imagine 30+ game devs in a 1700 square foot place enjoying a fall feast with people contributing dishes from their own traditions. Though in the new reality we can’t pack in that many folks, we’re going to try a cook out on the lawn and deck to get back to breaking bread together face to face and I sincerely can’t wait to do that.