5 Questions with James Rolfe

Welcome to 5 Questions, a column where we ask games developers, writers, and others involved in the industry questions that have nothing to do with games. In this edition, we spoke to James Rolfe, founder of Cinemassacre and creator of the Angry Video Game Nerd series. You can follow James on Twitter at @cinemassacre.

What’s your morning routine?

The first order of business is sending the kids to school, my wife does most of that. Then we talk about the day’s plans (who’s picking up who, when and where). Haha, boring stuff. But once I’m left to my own devices, my priorities are exercise, shower and eat. Usually in that order, but it depends. If it’s a nice day and I plan to go outside later, I may get my exercise in the afternoon. If it’s a crappy rainy day, it’s most definitely done on the treadmill in the morning. Next, I shower. Then eat. I tend to eat a lot in the morning. Then I get to work. Usually, I gotta get some bullshit tasks out of the way first, but once I’m starting, writing a script is best for the morning brain, since I’m thinking fresher thoughts. Or if it’s a filming day, I’ll record my scripts. The earlier the better, while my voice is strongest.

What are some things you use everyday that you enthusiastically recommend?

Funny, to answer this question, I looked at my Amazon purchase history. I can think of several things that I use, but less I recommend. I own lots of crap. I think I have almost every type of cable and USB adapter that exists. Ok here’s one. Check this out. Anti-slip holders for eyeglasses. If you wear glasses, you put these little rubber hooks on the handles. They hold onto your ears, so the glasses don’t slide down your nose. It’s ingenious. And they’re very cheap. It started when I was playing guitar and I thought to myself, these glasses are going to fall off my face if I’m moving around a lot on stage. And both hands are working the guitar, so you can’t just reach up and fix your glasses. So if you have that very specific problem, then go get yourself some anti-slip holders. …Or don’t. Hope they don’t sell out.

Read any good books lately? Listen to any good records?

I like autobiographies best. The most recent one I read is by Mel Brooks. He’s had a very long career, since the dawn of television, and has lots of great stories to tell. I like reading about peoples’ lives. As far as music goes, the most recent album to come out, that I listened to repeatedly was Ghost’s new one, Impera. I listened to it so much, my children got annoyed. “Daddy, you’re playing that again?!”

What’s an item of clothing you’re really into right now?

I’m a fan of pants. Pants are good. But actually, loose fitting socks. I’ve been on a mission to find the loosest socks imaginable. Don’t you hate tight socks, that cut off your blood flow? So I found some pretty decent ones, but not perfect. You’d think it would be an easy thing to invent. Socks that don’t strangle your toes.

What’s one thing you’d like to do more of?

I’d like to travel more. The past couple years, it’s been more unlikely than ever to embark on any big major trips. However, recently I went on a family trip. It was the first time any of us have been on a plane since the pandemic, and it was both my daughters first time in California, ever. We took them to Disneyland, the pacific beach, and some Hollywood sightseeing. And I may also be traveling for a filming project soon.