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Wordle Error Guide – What Does Not in Word List Mean?

With electronic word games, everything is black and white. While you and your friends around a table can look up a word in the dictionary and agree that it’s a real word, or accept slang, video games often have a predefined list of acceptable words. Some games, like Scrabble, may…



Wordle Tips Guide – 13 Best Starting Words and First Guesses

There are a few different ways to play Wordle. You could be like me and just type whatever first pops into your head to start. But if you’re trying to actually get those elusive second guess completions, you’re going to need a strategy. One of the most common ways of…

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What’s With All Those Squares On Twitter? (A Wordle Explainer)

Over the last few weeks, you’ve likely had a new type of post engulf your morning social media doomscroll, assembled out of obtuse patterns of colored squares and indecipherable text. This, as you may already know, stems from the online word-guessing game Wordle. The game’s meteoric rise is a testament to how…