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Big Shell Whistle


One of the unappreciated things about Final Fantasy XIV is that while you do spend a lot of time killing enemies, you also get some time to rebuild and fix things. The Ishgardian Restoration, first introduced back in Shadowbringers patch 5.1, saw players rebuild the battered and bruised city of Ishgard after the events of Heavensward. But not without rewards, such as glamour outfits, minions, and of course, mounts.

There are six total mounts obtainable only from the Ishgardian Restoration. Five of these mounts are obtainable by gathering Skybuilders’ Scrips, while the sixth, the Pteranodon, requires a truly enormous investment of time and effort to obtain.

First, to start the Ishgardian Restoration, make sure you’ve completed the main story quest (MSQ) of Heavensward, and then seek out a notice in Foundation (X:9.7, Y:11.5), starting the quest chain beginning with “Towards the Firmament.” You’ll need crafter and gathering classes, and honestly, if you’re leveling up a crafter or gatherer from 60 to around 80, the Ishgardian Restoration is one of the best ways.

Skybuilders’ Scrips and Skyward Score?

Once you start the restoration, you’ll start earning two important things: Skybuilders’ Scrips and Skyward Score. Scrips are the primary way you’ll unlock goodies, but Score is also important for the final mount of the restoration!

To trade Skybuilders’ Scrips for Mounts, you’ll need to head to The Firmament in Ishgard (X: 12.0 Y: 14.0), and speak to the NPC Enie, a Female Elezen. To redeem the Pteranodon, you’ll need to access it in the Achievement menu of the Menu bar. 

Kupo of Fortune

Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The Dhalmel Mount requires some luck in the Kupo of Fortune scratchcard lottery. To get Kupo of Fortune tickets, you’ll need to trade in five crafted items to Potkin, the Collectables Appraiser in The Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.5). For first price, you may be able to get the Dhalmel Whistle!

All FFXIV Ishgardian Restoration Mounts and how to get them

NameCost/Unlock Method
Pegasus4,200 Skybuilder’s Scrips.
Megalotragus8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Ufiti8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Big Shell8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Antelope Doe8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrips
Albino Karakul8,400 Skybuilder’s Scrips
DhalmelKupo of Fortune First Prize
PteranodonEarn 500,000 points toward your skyward score as every Disciple of the Hand and Land.

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This whistle emits a shrill tone that is said to summon a big shell, and presumably some sort of creature inside said shell.