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Fortnite Season 9 Week 4 Challenges Guide: Loot Carriers, Holographic Tomato Heads

Everything you need to ace this week's Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Weekly Challenges.

Well folks, we’ve made it four weeks into the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass, and Lord willing, we’ll make it the remaining six. If we as a people can come together and survive gamer goo and whatever the hell this was, we can do anything, right? We can even dance inside of holographic mascot heads, or visit five different named locations in a single match, all in the name of unlocking more tiers on our Battle Pass. Because without a Battle Pass, what are we? Goo? Are we just unsuspecting blobs, waiting to be smeared across the moisture-hungry skin of real gamers? Nay. We are the dried-out gamers, and this week’s Battle Pass challenges are our precious goo.

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Fortnite Season 9, Week 4 Challenges


  • Deal 500 damage with sniper rifles to opponents (5 Battle Stars)
  • Dance inside a holographic tomato head > Dance inside a holographic burger head > Dance inside a holographic dumpling head (5 Battle Stars)
  • Get 3 legendary weapon eliminations (10 Battle Stars)

Battle Pass Exclusive

  • Destroy a loot carrier in 3 different matches (5 Battle Stars)
  • Land at Polar Peak > Land at Lazy Lagoon > Land at Salty Springs > Land at The Block > Land at Lonely Lodge (5 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot (10 Battle Stars)
  • Visit 5 different named locations in a single match (10 Battle Stars)

Deal 500 damage with sniper rifles to opponents

Maximum chest spawn rates, coupled with unlimited respawns, means that Team Rumble is your absolute best bet for finding a sniper rifle and doing some damage with it. Spend the entire first storm circle looting chests, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have the rifle you need by the time the real fight starts. If you’re not lucky, the supply drops that populate during the second half of the match usually tend to drop rare items, so make sure and keep an eye out for them on your minimap. Once you’ve made like Annie and gotten your gun, don’t be afraid to camp out on a tree top away from the action! Taking pot shots at range is what sniper rifles are all about, it’s their whole deal. If you’re shooting from atop the same fort that everyone else is fighting on, you’re just going to get shotgunned while looking through your scope. It’s not cowardly, it’s tactics. There’s a difference!

Dance inside a holographic tomato head, etc

There are three holographic mascot heads that you’ll have to dance inside of for this challenge, but since it’s a staged challenge, you won’t be able to hit all three in the same match. As seen in the above map, Tomatohead is located at Mega Mall, Beef Boss can be found at Neo Tilted Towers, and the dumpling is down south in Lucky Landing. Since all three of these locations are hot drop spots, it may take some doing to get your dance on without getting killed first. As always, we recommend being respectful of others trying to accomplish these challenges — you can still kill each other just as dead after everyone gets credit.

Get 3 legendary weapon eliminations

As with the sniper rifle challenge, so too with this one. Team Rumble gives you the greatest opportunity to find the weapon you need, and the most chances to get the eliminations required to complete this challenge. So make use of those respawns, dagnabbit! Don’t be precious about your kill/death ratio, just get in there and do the dang thing.

Destroy a loot carrier in 3 different matches

Well would you look at that! It’s our very first loot carrier challenge. These drones contain a rare (or better) weapon and two stacks of ammo, and can be found flying around “hot spots,” which are randomized locations on the map that have their name written in gold. Each match will have at least one hot spot, and each hot spot has between 12 and 16 loot carriers buzzing around, depending on the size of the location. The important thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t have to loot the carrier, you just have to destroy it. Assault rifles are the way to go for this one, if you can swing it — bullet drop and travel time on sniper shots could make this very frustrating.

Land at Polar Peak, etc

As always, Epic has ideas about where you should be dropping, and if you want to complete all seven of this week’s challenges, you’ll have to follow their recommendations. Keep the map above handy so as not to lose track of where you’ve been or where you’re going. And! Remember that this quest specifically requires you to land at these locations, not just visit them.

Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot

There are three ways to go about this challenge, and indeed all challenges that require eliminations in specific locations. One method is to drop directly onto either of these locations in a match of vanilla Battle Royale, and hope that other folk are also trying to complete this challenge. This is usually the strongest option if you’re working on this challenge during the same week it was issued.

You could also hope for an end-game circle on either of these locations in Team Rumble, where respawns are enabled and you’d have more chances to get the eliminations you need. This works great if you luck out on a good circle, but who knows how long that might take.

The third, and perhaps most zen option, is to not worry about it, and just trust that over the course of Season 9, you’ll amass a total of three eliminations across one or both of these locations. No other method is as low-stress as this one, but leaving it up to the gods may prevent you from acquiring Hidden Tiers, which require that all challenges be complete.

Visit 5 different named locations in a single match

You heard the man! Get your butt to some dang locations! We’ve mapped out a few potential routes for your consideration, but you can swing this one however is most convenient for you. Probably stay away from Paradise Palms, though — it’s the furthest location from any other named feature on the Battle Royale island.

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