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Fortnite Season 8, Week 10: Flaming Hoops, Treasure Maps

*stuffed into cannon* Are you sure this is a good idea?

Well folks, we made it. It is Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 and these are the last Battle Pass Challenges of the season. I gotta say, I wasn’t so sure we’d get here. The world is a big and scary place right now. New horrors reveal themselves every day. But we persevere, because that’s what humans do. This week we’ll be tackling flaming hoops, follow the treasure map signpost in Junk Junction, and revisit more volcano vents. Here’s what you’ll be doing over the weekend!

Fortnite Season 8, Week 10 Challenges

  • Launch through 3 flaming hoops with a cannon [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Harvest 500 wood in a single match > Harvest 400 bricks in a single match > Harvest 300 metal in a single match [Free | 5 Battle Stars total]
  • Eliminate 3 opponents at Tilted Towers or The Block [Free | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Deal 500 damage with an infantry rifle or heavy assault rifle [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction > Locate the X on the map [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Deal damage within 10 seconds of landing after using a volcano vent [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5 meters away, twice [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]

Launch through 3 flaming hoops with a cannon

Epic has all these flaming hoops lying around from when airplanes were a thing, but you know who else loves flaming hoops? That’s right, circus folk, and what do circus folk use to launch themselves through flaming hoops? Big ol’ cannons, y’all! I made this here map to show you where each flaming hoop is, along with the locations of all the pirate cannons. The best part is that this isn’t a staged quest, so you can get the whole thing done in a single match if you hustle!

Harvest 500 wood in a single match, etc

If you’ve made it to the final week of a Battle Pass, harvesting should be second nature. The area between the volcano and Lonely Lodge is primo tree territory, so after landing there you’ll be able to bag 500 wood with little effort. Since this is a staged quest, you’ll have to wait until your next match to start getting credit for the bricks you collect, but Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms are almost all bricks, so I’d drop to whichever of those locations is farthest from the bus route. For the final step, Junk Junction and its stacks of crushed cars are the highest concentration of metal on the island.

Eliminate 3 opponents at Tilted Towers or The Block

Tilted tends to be pretty populated, regardless of what else is happening on the map, so dropping there in vanilla Battle Royale modes will likely get this done a lot faster than waiting for an applicable circle in Team Rumble. You may get smoked as soon as you land, but that’s just how it be sometimes. Try to avoid getting into pickaxe battles as soon as you land on a rooftop if you can help it — unless you’re some kind pickaxe wizard, of course. If you’re a pickaxe wizard, get into a rooftop pickaxe battle as soon as is humanly possible. But only if you’re a wizard! For everybody else, try and land on a building with the least amount of competition, and loot your way to the bottom floor as quickly as you can. Once you’re geared up, remember that most encounters in Tilted happen inside, so shotguns are your friend.

Deal 500 damage with an infantry rifle or heavy assault rifle

Y’all like Team Rumble? I sure hope so, because that’s where you’ll be completing this challenge. Team Rumble has more chests than any other mode, and since respawns are enabled, you can use the entire first circle to loot non-stop for the items you need. Both the infantry rifle and heavy assault rifle excel at long range, so don’t plan on getting up-close and personal with anyone! Once the storm starts closing in and the forts pop up, find yourself a nice treetop and third party as many fights as you can. It’s not glamorous, but it’ll get the job done. And remember that you don’t need eliminations, just damage! Chest shots are your friend!

Search the treasure map signpost found in Junk Junction, etc

For the first stage of this challenge, you’ll have to interact with a treasure map poster in Junk Junction. The poster can be found at the location shown above, tucked between two stacks of crushed cars on the north side of the junkyard. While it is the Fanbyte way to be chill and let players interact with challenge objects before starting a fight, some people are sinners! So be careful! After you’ve got credit, you’ll have to wait until your next match to find the X at the fork/knife north-left of Fatal Fields.

Deal damage within 10 seconds of landing after using a volcano vent

This is maybe the most specific, and therefore difficult, weekly Battle Pass challenge of the whole season. Maybe ever? It’s a big ask. I’ve resurrected our map of where the vents are located so you can have a good idea of where your best options are. Unsurprisingly, the closer you are to the volcano the more opportunities you’ll have, but you’ll also need someone to deal damage to, and there’s not a lot you can do to make that happen.

You’re just as likely to end up with a conducive circle in vanilla Battle Royale as you are in Team Royale, but Endgame probably ain’t gonna get you where you need to go. The good news, at least for the next couple of weeks, is that other people will also be trying to get this done, so the volcano should be pretty active with people looking for a fight.

Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5 meters away, twice

I highly recommend trying to get this done before Endgame expires after this weekend, if at all possible. Melee attacks with Thor’s Stormbreaker axe are a one-hit kill in the early stages of the match, so if you’re persistent you should be able to knock this out in a single round. If you’re reading this in the future and Endgame is no longer available, it’s time for shotgun fights in Team Rumble! These should be almost as effective, if a bit more difficult and far less heroic.

Hidden Banner

This week’s Hidden Banner is right smack-dab in the middle of the action, located near a broken down government vehicle on the west side of the excavated remains of Loot Lake. I know that our map (below) doesn’t appropriately reflect the level of digging that has gone on at Loot Lake over the last couple of weeks, but the location marked by the arrow is still accurate! So no sweat! This whole map will probably be invalid in a couple weeks anyway, so we’re flying fast and loose, baby.

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