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Fortnite Flaming Hoops Guide: Where to Launch Through 3 Flaming Hoops

I said lunch, not launch!

Week 10 of Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Pass is here, and just like in real life, we are all being asked to navigate a series of flaming hoops while hurtling to our doom. Not only will you have to find three flaming hoops on the Battle Royale island, but you’ll also have to find three pirate cannons within range of said hoops. Under normal circumstances, this endeavor would be a significant time investment. But fear not! We’ve mapped everything out to make it as easy as possible for you, our beloved reader.

Where to Launch Through 3 Flaming Hoops

Epic has all these flaming hoops lying around from when airplanes were a thing, but you know who else loves flaming hoops? That’s right, circus folk, and what do circus folk use to launch themselves through flaming hoops? Big ol’ cannons, y’all! This here map shows you where each flaming hoop is, along with the locations of all the pirate cannons — all you gotta do is land near a cannon and channel your Mario 64 days.

The best part is that this isn’t a staged quest, so you can get the whole thing done in a single match if you hustle! The highest concentration of cannons and hoops is to the west of the volcano, so focus your efforts there.

The reward for completing this challenge is five Battle Stars, or an equivalent amount of account XP for those who have already hit level 100 on the Season 8 Battle Pass. And if you haven’t hit level 100, get a move on! This is the final week of challenges for this Battle Pass, which means the end of Season 8 itself is only a couple of weeks away.

For more maps, and tips on how to complete every challenge during Week 10 of the Season 8 Battle Pass, head on over to our complete rundown of this week’s challenges. And hey, if you’re a little behind in your leveling, you can find guides and maps for every single Season 8 challenge over on our Fortnite hub.

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