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How to Get the Voidvessel Weapons in FFXIV

Fight creatures of the void with a weapon of the void.

Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV serve more than just the purpose of being another piece of gear. Depending on its source, weapons can be the missing piece to your Warrior of Light's glamour or a badge of honor to boast your victory over difficult content.

The Voidvessel weapons, introduced in Patch 6.5 alongside the Trial "The Abyssal Fracture," check all the boxes. With an item level of 655, it can be a reliable weapon for players who haven't ventured into Endwalker's Savage Raids to earn the 660 Ascension gear. The appearance of the Voidvessel weapons has a bit of a fleshy motif, so while they may not be the best addition to a cute Summoner glamour, they fit nicely in any dark, brooding styles that players may come up with.

Obtaining the Voidvessel weapons requires some effort and luck. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get your hands on the weapon for those whose loot rolls haven't gone their way.

FFXIV The Abyssal Fracture

How to get the Voidvessel weapon in FFXIV

Voidvessel weapons are tied to The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial released in Patch 6.5. After completing the base difficulty version by progressing through the Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests, speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.7, Y: 14.3) will allow you to unlock the high-end versions of Trials.

The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) has an item level requirement of 640, currently the highest of Endwalker's Extreme Trials at the time of writing. Completing it will require mastery of mechanics and perseverance, but those who manage to take down the boss will gain access to many rewards.

Along with the chance to obtain the rare Lynx of Abyssal Grief Flute, players can roll for a Voidvessel Weapon Coffer. Opening the coffer as a particular job will grant that job's version of the Voidvessel weapon. If other players in the party manage to roll higher than you for the weapon coffer, you still have another method of obtaining it.

Each completion of The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) rewards two Voidvessel Totems per person. You can exchange these totems to Nesvaaz, the Totem and Sundry Exchange, in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6 Y: 10.0) for items related to the trial. Each weapon requires 10 Voidvessel Totems in exchange, meaning if you still need one in your collection after five runs or wish to obtain another job's weapon quickly, you're in luck.

Here is every Voidvessel weapon you can earn in Final Fantasy XIV:

PaladinVoidvessel Bastard Sword 
Voidvessel Kite Shield
WarriorVoidvessel Bardiche
Dark KnightVoidvessel Guillotine
GunbreakerVoidvessel Gunblade
White MageVoidvessel Cane
ScholarVoidvessel Codex
AstrologianVoidvessel Torquetum
SageVoidvessel Pendulums
MonkVoidvessel Claws
DragoonVoidvessel Spear
NinjaVoidvessel Cleavers
SamuraiVoidvessel Blade
ReaperVoidvessel War Scythe
BardVoidvessel Cavalry Bow
MachinistVoidvessel Pistol
DancerVoidvessel Tathlums
Black MageVoidvessel Rod
SummonerVoidvessel Index
Red MageVoidvessel Smallsword

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