What the Fanbyte Staff Wants for the Next Mario Kart’s Big Twist

If the game has a new twist, hopefully it's one of these.

It’s been a number of years since the last numbered Mario Kart game — either eight or five, depending on how you count the Switch release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The title has sold tens of millions of units, but Nintendo hasn’t added anything to the game since the 2017 release, instead focusing on the mobile Mario Kart Tour and toy-based Mario Kart Live. That focus might soon shift, however. According to analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, we’re likely due to see the next console game this year and it will have “a new twist” this time around.

Mario Kart titles are no strangers to having twists, like Double Dash’s co-op karts or Mario Kart 8’s anti-gravity wheels, so that wouldn’t be too surprising. What could this new twist possibly be, though? The Fanbyte staff has weighed in with predictions, hopes, and dreams for the next Mario Kart title.

Danielle Riendeau, Editor-in-Chief

Idea: The new twist in Mario Kart will follow in the fine tradition of Mario platformers: finally including a butt-stomp move. It just makes sense for an intense, rigorous, yet seated activity.

My take: I hope characters with bigger butts are overpowered. Wario should reign supreme here.

Taylor Hicklen, Community Lead

Idea:  They use public transit Depending on how old the character is they have different stats. Dry Bones still uses the paper timetable but knows the bus/train systems better. Baby Luigi has the Transit app and knows when he’s about to get rerouted. There’s a battle royale mode where you’re all starting a different places and headed to the same destination, Amazing Race style

My take: I do not have enough trust in the Mushroom Kingdom government to place faith in their public transit infrastructure.

Collin MacGregor, Guides Writer

Idea: Every item is a Blue Shell resulting in 0 happiness and 0 friends by the end of the race.

My take: They could call it Mario Kart Party.

Diego N. Argüello, Featured Contributor

Idea: Mario Kart 9’s twist will be the integration of deck-building elements, as video games can’t get enough of those lately. Blue shells and stars are now cards that can appear in your hand randomly. There are modifiers to give your kart more speed or increase its defense temporarily, too, but the problem comes down to power ups. While you’re able to select your cards before each race, power ups allow other players to reshuffle your deck, eliminate a random card, or invalidate any active modifiers. Sadly, this mode won’t catch on due to its balance issues, leading to 99% of the player base sticking to Classic Mode instead. A year after release, Fanbyte’s guides team is still lamenting the time spent doing card builds.

My take: I don’t think the Mario Kart team has ever heard of having a toggle for things.

Fūnk-é Joseph, Featured Contributor

Idea: Nintendo should remove all random possibilities in the new Mario Kart for the “big twist.” And I want them to remove all power ups. Also they should also take the cars out. Honestly I just want it to be a chill walking simulator in Coconut Mall with everyone’s favorite Nintendo characters!

My take: I am all on board with What Remains of Princess Peach.

John Warren, Head of Media

Idea: My real Mario Kart twist is that half the field runs the race in reverse adding a ton of chaos to every race — items get reworked to account for the gimmick. It’s called Mario Kart Reverse Rush! This has zero chance of happening.

My take: This sounds a lot like driving in [insert big city name here].

Steven Strom, Senior Managing Editor

Idea: I think it would be a good twist if, the first time Mario finds a shortcut, everything just goes white and it’s revealed that Mario Kart is an alternate reality simulation playing out in his head, Black Mercy-style. When he escapes the simulation, he discovers Bowser has conquered the Mushroom Kingdom, and the game turns into a Mario Kart / Mario RPG hybrid where you drive around an open-world before getting into battles to claim territory on the overworld.

My take: I don’t understand this reference but I am nodding politely.

Paul Tamayo, Podcast Producer

Idea: Mario Kart’s new twist is tire strategy and races that last 50+ laps. With local wireless, have up to 7 friends play your pit crew and decide which one of your friends will be your race engineer to argue with you on what strategies to use mid-race.

My take: I actually genuinely like the idea of six people playing as Toads working on a pit crew, and also all of them being incompetent and not knowing what to do.

merritt k, Managing Editor

Idea: There are going to be chariots and in two player co-op mode the player pulling the chariot will have to shake the Joycon to run faster. That’s all the second player will do.

My take: They can call it Mario Kart Single-Dash.

Niki Grayson, Brand Editor+

Idea: They’re gonna call it Luigi’s Kart.

My take: The Year of Luigi is back and will never leave. We have entered the legal phase of fascism and Luigi will be its standard-bearer.