This Was: Egg Week 2019

What a celebration Egg Week was here at Fanbyte. Cracking open the finest oeuf stories in games and entertainment was our goal and with the help of our wonderful staff and freelancers, we accomplished just that.

If you missed this amazing theme week, omelet you catch up!

Chansey: A Review


The 7 Very Worst Things to Come Out of Video Game Eggs

Topher Florence started Egg Week off with a dark and winding trek into the murky depths of video game hatchlings. Kasumi is a chicken, I guess.


Eggplant Wizard: A Review


Dragon Warrior Monsters Made Catching ’em All Horrifying

A deep look into the breedapocalypse of Dragon Warrior Monsters, a game I was totally unfamiliar with until I read this piece. I’m glad I read it, but my thoughts are corrupted. Maybe forever.


Cracking the Egg, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Solas Romance

Solas is a complex figure in the Dragon Age universe. Kaye Toal is the brave soul here to tell us that despite the fact that Solas is the dirt worst (my words), the romance you can share with him in Inquisition has its special moments.


The Promised Neverland Challenges Our Relationship With Animals

Tyler Treese wrote this challenging, fascinating piece about The Promised Neverland, an anime series that challenges the viewer to question their animal consumption whether they’ve previously made peace with it or not.


Dizzy: A Review


All 5 Mega Bomberman Egg Kangaroos, Ranked

Jordan consistently does the Lord’s work here at Fanbyte, ranking Dark Souls bosses by kissability and suggesting PSN renames to get out from under StrongBadWiener69. Here he takes the egg-hatched kangaroos from Mega Bomberman and determines the best of the best.


Creatures 2 Showed Us a Different Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Holly Speirs teaches us about Creatures 2 and the amazing lengths the game went to emulate society’s most inherently human feelings. Raising norns is tough work, but seeing shared growth in your little ecosystem was a reward in and of itself.


The Most Rotten Eggs in Games

Aimee Hart wants to show you the most despicable eggs in games. I know, we showed you some bad stuff that came from eggs, but what about the eggs themselves? It’s Solas’ second appearance this week.


Egg Mobile-H: A Review


More Bad Eggs: A Lawyer’s Dozen



Fleas: A Review


How Junichi Masuda Made Me A Murderer

AJ Moser feels a tremendous amount of guilt when he plays Pokemon and it has everything to do with Junichi Masuda and breeding.


One Dozen Magic: The Gathering Eggs, Reviewed

Jordan Mallory returns to review the finest eggs in Magic: The Gathering, which is something I didn’t know I needed. Seems like I wasn’t alone.


A Half Dozen Eggcellent Egg Dishes In Games



That’s it for Egg Week 2019! Don’t be sad! We’ll be back next year with another week of content you can scramble, poach, fry, or turn into a frittata. Mmmm Fanbyte Frittata.


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