Stop Trying to Kill Klombos in Fortnite, You Monsters

How to train your aggro.

Fortnite continues to be a never-ending showcase of cameos and collaborations. I’ve grown used to seeing Ripley from Alien flossing with Jinx from League of Legends. But for a long time, I’ve been intrigued by the universe’s own characters. Developer Epic went ahead and created a human banana called Peely and somehow got away with it, spawning dozens of iterations (including one where you can see its skeleton and viscera). Now, there’s a massive, charming pack of dinosaur-like creatures called Klombos, which roam around the map as harmless NPCs. That is, until someone inevitably interrupts the peace and attacks them.

Introduced in update 19.10, Klombos pretty much mind their own business. You can see them walking around random parts of the map, usually in open fields near points of interests or towns like Tilted Towers. Whenever they spot loot on the ground, they tend to slurp the items and keep them in their belly. If you happen to find Klomberries, which is a new item that grows on bushes and near trees, you can take them with you and feed them to a Klombo. As a reward for the snack, they’ll give you one of the items they’ve gathered in their travels. You can also eat them yourself if you’d like to gain a few shield points, but I prefer to see Klombos smile and change colors like a chameleon after eating a Klomberry instead.

Fortnite Klombos 2
So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That damn smile.

Unfortunately, Fortnite doesn’t exactly provide a safe environment for these creatures. Klombos witness 100 players drop on the island and destroy each other, time and time again. Yet they still try and bring some semblance of peace and prosperity, reminding Harley Quinn and Kylo Ren that there is a lot more out there than 360 no scopes and teabagging. But people haven’t stopped trying to kill them.

The problem is that Klombos react quite badly to aggressions.

Over on YouTube, I stumbled upon dozens of videos similar to this one from user Tabor Hill. In particular, their video caught my attention due to the eye-catching thumbnail. Dozens of projectiles flying through the air, aimed at an impending creature who looks like it could shatter the Earth just by sneezing. The actual footage is even worse: a 10 minute showcase of 100 players gathering around the Klombo and shooting every single bullet in their inventory.

At one point, the map’s storm circle begins to close and folks start taking damage. But they carry on, using healing items while discussing different strategies. Klombos take between 1 and 2 HP damage per bullet, but there is no health bar on display — alluding that you can’t actually kill them. As of now, nothing has indicated otherwise. But people keep seeing them as boss encounters, and some seem destined to find a way to take the poor creature down and disprove the facts.

I don’t blame Klombos for getting mad at hostile players. It’s understandable for them to charge towards these attackers in response, colliding against surfaces and sneezing explosive projectiles when someone tries to escape. Similarly to How To Train Your Dragon, people fail to understand that Klombos mean no harm. There is no point in hunting down Fortnite‘s own Night Fury when all they want is to befriend us. You shouldn’t let their gargantuan size scare you. It’s possible to hop on their back and tag along in their ventures. If you want to get somewhere else fast, you can approach the hole in their heads and be ejected to the air as if it were a geyser, letting you glide in mid-air afterwards. This could be the reality for a Klombo most of the time if people weren’t acting with malice.

Fortnite Klombos 3
Nothing can stop us.

I remain hopeful that I’m not alone in feeling like this. Accounts under varying iterations of the name of “klombo enjoyer” seem adamant about their worship. It didn’t take long for adorable fan art to appear. One of the Klombos has even taken to Twitter to express themselves and show they’re not interested in engaging in the latest discourse. Klombos are a breath of fresh air in Fortnite when most creatures in the wild, from boars to raptors, don’t hesitate to attack you on sight. Clearly, players have welcomed the change of pace with open arms.

It’s too early to say whether or not Epic will change their behavior. It’s totally possible for the developer to listen to the wrong side of the community and implement a health bar for Klombos in the future. Perhaps Klombos are the mere children of a bigger creature that could storm the Fortnite map during an event in the next couple months. The potential is huge and terrifying. But I hope they can retain their peaceful personality for as long as possible.

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In the meantime, even if it’s just for a brief moment, we should forget about the storm. Let’s drop our weapons, our Spider-Man web shooters, and embrace Klombos. Let’s hop on their backs and use our favorite emote, or just sit back and watch the scenery as this grandiose creature continues their journey. The destination doesn’t really matter when you’re flossing on top of a Klombo.