Let Me Kill a Man With Backflip Frying Pan Trickshots, PUBG

"Perfectly Cut Chicken Dinners" works on so many levels.

Forget the explosions, the air drops, and the sniper shot using a high-caliber bullet to rip chicken dinner from my mind in the most brutal way possible. What I want from PUBG: New State isn’t car doors buckling under gunfire (although that is cool), but a way to turn the already iconic (and incredibly strong) frying pan into a trick shot capable killing machine that I can kick like a football during a backflip. Sound too specific? Well, it can happen.

A viral TikTok video making the rounds right now shows just that. Not in PUBG Mobile, of course, but in real life. Some nameless body springs off a trampoline while a frying pan, tossed with perfect precision from a friend back down on ground zero, collides with the acrobat’s right foot in the middle of their ambitious backflip. The cast iron cookware is catapulted high into the sky while the trickster lands the impressive somersault atop a platform high above their starting position. They’re presumably ready to catch the pan spinning up above at that moment — but that’s not what happens. Instead, the camera operator on the platform looks up to see the weighty impromptu projectile homing in on their skull, ready to deal 100+ points of damage and send them back to the lobby.

Having seen the clip on Twitter account Perfectly Cut Shots, there’s probably more to the video. But I don’t want to see it. It was perfectly cut — like The Sopranos‘ famous cut to black finale. I’ll never know how the video was supposed to go or what happened to the recipient of the piece that cooked their breakfast that morning, but it left me wanting more. More from my newly announced PUBG Mobile sequel, that is.

You might think expecting to turn parkour into a deadly weapon couldn’t ever work in PUBG Mobile, but I’d have to argue otherwise. The popular battle royale title has been laying the foundation for this kind of stylish combat for a while now. Accidentally, of course. At launch, even climbing over a simple wall wasn’t possible. Vaulting was a major feature totted (and delayed) when the game shot to the top of the Steam charts back in 2017 — and it took even longer to make it into the mobile version.

More recently, though, melee weapons were given a new lease of life: as throwable projectiles. You can’t boot someone in the head like in Apex Legends just yet, but given we can bowl apples in the lobby in two different ways, it isn’t hard to imagine a Kick button being added down the line. Timed with a good running jump, it could be a stellar way to end a Gun Game match. The pan can easily one-shot opponents, but getting close enough to use it is tough. Throwing has decent range right now, but if you’re sprinting toward an unaware target with your cast iron cookware and they suddenly spot you, punting it instead could be an inaccurate risk worth taking. Even if you miss, the distraction could give you enough time to switch back to a firearm.

You know what they say: Don’t bring a frying pan to a gunfight. But there’s a case to be made for one here. If we can roll in PUBG: New State, why draw the line at backflip trick shots? Launching a machete or sickle at your foe’s head sounds a bit much — not that it’s any more violent than slamming four rounds into their chest — but a pan? So long as dynamic elements like destructible car doors don’t extend to visibly damaged character skulls, the satisfying ping of a pan bouncing off a player’s cranium following a backflip punt sounds like prime replay montage content to me. Make it happen, Krafton.

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