The Best Locations to Live in PUBG Mobile (If They Were Real)

Can't we all just get along?

With so much political friction going on in the world right now, it’s not entirely unreasonable to think of PUBG Mobile as a haven of sportsmanship and friendly competition — once the cheaters and hackers pack it in, anyway.

Tencent’s massively popular battle royale game features four huge maps used for nothing but violent bloodshed. However, the abandoned cars and houses all suggest an overarching narrative — the idea that these four battlegrounds were once sprawling communities with schools, shops, and people just trying to play along to Jeopardy before hitting the sack to rest up for another day of hard labor. 

But what if all the fighting just… stopped? What if, like the Christmas Truce of World War One, PUBG Man and his dangerously competitive buddies threw down their firearms for a while? We could turn back the clock on its abandoned hamlets and villages and transform them back into places of relaxation and civility, with the plane dropping off another 100 partygoers every day or so to help in the effort.

Inspired by a post by Manuka7781 over on the PUBG Mobile Reddit, here are my top picks for places to live on PUBG Mobile’s four very distinct maps. 

PUBG Mobile Georgopol

Erangel – Georgopol

PUBG Mobile’s original map is set to undergo some pretty substantial changes with Erangel Remastered around the corner. The base map wasn’t designed for all the free-running going on in recent updates. But before that kicks in and we’re forced to rewrite this entire section, now is the time to crown Georgopol as the most livable location on the entire island. 

Georgopol is the more geographically pleasing place on the map by far. Split by a river running right through it and into the nearby sea, you can look at this coastal town from either side and imagine a completely different life. The loot split between either side of the bridge almost confirms a class divide, but inequality can spur on ambition. Buy a house on the south side of town and work your way up through office life to get a ritzy apartment in the north, where you can then look down on your subordinates from across the bridge. 

You’re a horrible person, but you justify it with your life of hard work. You’re a monster, but you don’t care. Kick back, fend off the seagulls trying to glug your whiskey, and nibble on chicken dinner cocktail sticks like that’s somehow more “enjoyable. There’s even a hospital nearby in case one finds its way down your through (or in your neck). Yasnaya Polyana is a good choice, too, but good luck getting a good night’s sleep so close to that main road.

PUBG Mobile Los Leones

Miramar – Los Leones

San Martin is almost always the first place to spring to mind when we think of Miramar. It’s a common high-tier loot drop and a frequent focus of Royal Pass missions, sure, but it’s also one of the more picturesque towns on the map, and its cute little church can really add a sense of community back in the dreamlike scenario we’re conjuring up here.

But my personal pick has to go to Los Leones: Miramar’s main city along the southern coast. It’s actually for a lot for the same reasons Manuka7781 outlined in their original Reddit post. Los Leones is a large city in a desert nation: it’s PUBG Mobile’s Las Vegas, essentially. It might not look like much of a party palace in its current state, but with so many roads and real estate of completely different shapes and sizes, drop a few hundred people around here and you’ll have a bustling city in no time. 

If you’d one for hard labor, I hear port towns like Los Higos and Puerto Paraiso are always looking for a bit of extra muscle. 

PUBG Mobile Khao

Sanhok – Khao

Here’s where people got a little tired of naming landmarks on real-world locations. Sanhok plays host to places like “Cave,” “Docks” and another “Quarry.” It’s not bad. If fact, it’s almost refreshing. But it doesn’t leave much up to the imagination. Though if you fancy yourself a bit of a mountain lion, by all means, go live out your best life in Cave.

Personally, Khao looks like the best place for me. You won’t have to deal with seagulls in this climate, and while you will have to deal with loud noises from its booming coastal businesses, Paradise Resort is just a short drive away for those much-needed vacations. Khao being a high-tier loot location that suggests it’s a great shopping destination, too. It’s not a place for those who enjoy their peace and quiet, but you can get that city lifestyle without the stifling air pollution. Everywhere just smells like fish instead.

Feel like going for a summer splash? The recessed lake to the west is a great diving spot. And while it might not look like much now, Ha Tihn across the bridge has the infrastructure to grow into something special over time.

PUBG Mobile Goroka

Vikendi – Goroka/Volnova

The final frontier. Why you’d want to live out your life in this snowy hellscape is beyond me. Haven’t you see Game of Thrones? Ice is bad. That being said, if you’re just coming here for a Christmas holiday, there’s plenty of sightseeing to do: Castle, Dino Park, Abbey. It’s all there. And if you’re bringing your kids along, take them down to the lovely Cement Factory. They’ll love you even more. 

But if you really are choosing to live in Vikendi, there are only really two decent options. If you swear by the snowy lifestyle, Goroka with its own little lake will look beautiful this time of year. You won’t have much in terms of amenities in this quiet little village, but it should help the local markets stay afloat. You just better hope Mount Kreznic doesn’t come crashing down during the traditional carol concert.

Don’t want to deal with the snow through every day of the year? Then Volnova is for you! Situated by the river coming in from the south sea, you’ll get a great view of Castle to the north, and with Abbey and Hot Spring on either side of you, there’s plenty of ways to escape the dense town life if you so desire. I hear Cantra holds onto all the good fish, too.

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