Meet Our 2022 Summer Intern

It's-a him, Charles Harte!

Hello! My name is Charles Harte, and I’m Fanbyte’s 2022 summer intern.

…but why? Why me? Out of the millions of applicants (I assume it was millions), why’d they pick this random kid? Was it my hot, hot takes? My goofy demeanor? My outlandish height? You might be saying to yourself, “He’s from Cincinnati? That place where they put chili on spaghetti? That’s disgusting. This guy must also be disgusting.” And I get it! Maybe if I tell you a little more about myself, you’ll realize I’m not so bad after all.

At the end of April, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where I mainly studied writing and filmmaking. My most recent project is a short film I posted on YouTube called Brothers: The Musical, where my brother and I play fictional versions of ourselves trying to win a scholarship contest. My YouTube channel also has a video essay on Deathloop, a number of poem videos I made with my brother, and two videos I used to apply to this very position! That’s been most of my online identity up until this point — music, essays, and general goofy nonsense. If I had to guess, I’d say I was mainly hired for that last part. Gawrsh!

My love for gaming began in 2005 with the release of the original LEGO Star Wars. My younger brother and I, ages four and six at the time, played co-op on the family computer. We were obsessed. We ended up buying it three more times: a copy for each of the DS Lites we got for Christmas in 2007, and a copy on the Wii that we got the following year. Nowadays I play just about anything, but I’m very into Ace Attorney, Pokémon, and Spider-Man. The past few months I’ve been playing Elden Ring, Tunic, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and yes, the new LEGO Star Wars

Now that I’m at Fanbyte, I’ll be getting into all sorts of crazy shenanigans! You might hear me on an upcoming podcast, read my name on a news or features byline, or maybe even see me on a stream. I’m still not sure exactly how I fit in around here, but I can’t wait to find out.

I can tell that this isn’t enough for you, reader. You’re saying, “Sorry dude, I’m still caught up on that chili thing.” I get it. The unknown is frightening. But have you ever actually had chili on spaghetti? It can’t be as bad as you think it is — thousands of people eat it every day! Think of me as the chili on spaghetti of people. Give me a try! My taste (in games) might pleasantly surprise you. 



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