Kiss Week by Fanbyte 2019

Kiss Week! A celebration of smooches. What a week it was! We had a blast bringing you the finest content in the world of kisses. We’ve gathered all the fantastic pieces in one place for you! Smooch you next year!

super smooch bros

Super Smooch Bros

Ranking the Super Smash Bros by power is so two thousand and late. We wanted to see which ones were most kissable in this (controversial, it turns out!!!) ranking.

The Worst Dragon Age Dates

Dragon Age features some of the finest romance in video gamedom. The problem with having such a rich tapestry of characters is some of them are completely, utterly terrible as dates. Here are the five worst.


worf troi

The Troi Who Cried Worf

Revisiting Worf’s tremendous romance with Troi from Star Trek The Next Generation took us over the moon and into the stars.


Equipped: Scorpion’s Big Valentine’s Day

If you woke up and thought “I need some date looks inspired by Scorpion,” then this piece is unbelievably, specifically for you.


tony hawk

Ranking Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s Soundtrack By Makeoutability

It might be obvious to you which Primus song goes best with a Chad Muska smooch fest, but we’re here to lay out the best tracks from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for makeouts.


love sidon

A Love Letter To Prince Sidon

The loneliness of Breath of the Wild is punctuated by Link’s relationship with one of the world’s most interesting (and hunky) characters, Prince Sidon.


overwatch wall

A Stern Letter To Activision Blizzard

In our most explosive (and unexpected) Kiss Week piece, former Activision Blizzard employee (and Fanbyte Listmaster) Jordan Mallory had some strong words for the executive staff responsible for a 800 laid off after a “record year.”


marry me stardew valley

A Glance At In-Game Marriage Proposals

Video producer Frank looked at the world of in-game marriage proposals. Some went well! Others…not so much.


Kiss Week Classic: Dark Souls Bosses Ranked By Kissability

One of Fanbyte’s signature pieces since we began, Jordan ranked Dark Souls bosses by kissability. Now it’s a Kiss Week Classic post.


Isabelle Animal Crossing

Games That Need Dating Sim Spinoffs Immediately

Shipping is easy. Getting honest to goodness dating sim spinoffs of some of our favorite franchises? Not so much. Here are the ones we should get first.


Anthem Javelins

The Anthem Robots Are Hot

Okay they’re called Javelins, technically. Sure. Regardless, they’re hot and now we all have crushes on them.


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