Imagining a Better PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass

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PUBG Mobile Season 13 has landed, and it’s clear people aren’t happy. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – the lot, they’re all in flames, swamped by nothing but complaints about the Royale Pass Toy Playground theme. It’s Super Sentai/Power Rangers and a few toybox favorites rolled into one, and the adults playing the video game aren’t pleased.

It’s not all too surprising. Whenever PUBG Mobile adds some bright and boisterous skins, the army bros come out of the woodwork to proclaim how the game has become Fortnite and no longer caters to the realistic vibe Bluehole’s original Battle Royale appealed to at the start of this craze.

I’ve always believed social media brings out the worst in people. We vent our frustrations hoping they’ll be heard and validated by influencing something in the future. If you’re happy, there’s no reason to shout it from the rooftops.

But if the majority of PUBG Mobile’s millions of active players do hate Season 13, it’s time to imagine what the perfect successor would look like: where it’s all camo gear and pseudo-military monotony.

I actually prefer the sheer variety of skins PUBG Mobile offers. I really do. I’m no designer, either, so rather than get out my highschool sketchbook and carve out some rough ideas, I’m looking at previously available skins and past seasons to draft out what a “realistic” Season 14 could look like.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 predictions

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Predictions

Level 1-49

Like every Elite Royale Pass, you get a cool new skin just for unlocking the thing. If you’re lucky, you like the initial skin more than the Level 100 offering, meaning while you might not get much for your money, you don’t have to put in weeks of work on top of your cold, hard cash just to get it.

With Season 13, upgradable skins have become a thing, making this whole imagination thing a little harder.

Let’s mix up the themes a bit and have each major milestone effectively promote you. We’ll start off with something like the Police set with a Camo cap or the Riot Squad set and have it upgrade to the Cybernetic Guardian set for a futuristic tech noir look.

If you really want to stick to military garb, the Forest Warrior and Operation Leo sets are generic enough to work.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 predictions

Level 50-99

When you reach Level 50 or so, you become the branch’s muscle. The silent brawler the big man calls in to do the heavy lifting.

For this, the Dark Gladiator or Fullmetal Commando set with a welding mask or ventilator gives off that manacing Bane appeal. If you prefer something a bit more personal, we can take a leaf from Royale Pass 4 and take something like the battle hardened and brave Mad Bear.

The Time Traveler set is a great upgrade to the Cybernetic Guardian set from before. Basically, if you look like you can take five rounds to the chest and still start a fistfight, it’s a good skin to show off your commitment to the grind.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 predictions

Level 100

Crawl all the way to Level 100 and you need to look like the suave final boss. The slim, agile, antagonist who probably should have just taken to the streets rather than letting 200 nameless foot soldiers die before getting involved.

The Duelist set and its mix of red and black give off an imposing aura. The bullets wrapped around the waist and shoulder enough reason to suggest you’ll stand your ground with a light machine gun and bring a truck or chopper to its knees within two inches of your own face.

Meanwhile, if you’re into the whole evil genius Bond villain vibe, the Red Streak set swaps the dark for the light, blinding foes with a sheer white garb that’ll easily stand out among the swarms of M16 totting wannabe soldiers.

Wearing this means you’re a confident enough shot to resort to nothing but a handgun. A desert eagle would echo across the map and send the birds fluttering away from their roosts, but it’s overcompensating for something. A P1911 is all you need.

And for emotes and gun skins, we leave that to you, the reader. They’re something I personally couldn’t give two hoots about, so if you want them, go scout out your favorite 80s music videos and let us know which military themed jigs you’d work your butt off to unlock in this video game.

Or is this what the original Harlem Shake video was all about? Norway is just full of ideas.


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