Fanwidth Special: Thanks for the Momedge

Hey folks! John here. We’ve had some discussions amongst the staff about experimenting with some podcast formats. One of our in-podcast discussions that led to this was all the way back in Episode 4, where we discussed our parental figure influences on our media consumption and taste. I loved the idea of interviewing someone who helped shape my taste, so in that spirit I decided to record a special episode of Fanwidth with my mom, Beverly!

Why does my mom love beat-em-ups? How did family television watching habits influence her obsession with Mystery Science Theater 3000? Has Game of Thrones vaulted right over the shark?

We chat about that and more!

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for another roughly 60 minutes of pure audio goodness. And hey! If you’ve already read this far, why don’t you head on over to iTunes and give Fanwidth a rating and review? It really does help (seriously) and would mean the absolute world to us. And if you like our show, or have suggestions and questions for next episode, leave a comment below! Steven (and John, in this case) reads all of them and just might mention your query in the future.

Discussed on this episode: Streets of Rage, Tekken 2, Tetris, Combat, Pac-Man, Mystery Science Theater 3000, MCU, Game of Thrones

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fasion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.


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