Fanwidth Episode 007: Did You Own a Gun?

What’s better than this? Videos being games. We sure do love ’em! And that’s why we’ve put together a little, roughly one-hour podcast every week to talk about that most precious of commodities. Video. Games. So won’t you join us on this most recent and actually-about-video-games-y episode of Fanwidth? Won’t you please celebrate this form of digital media with us? The Division 2 is out, about, and ready to flout… its really bad politics. Again. Steven and merritt go over this and more with their special (and first-ever returning) guest: Sabriel Mastin. And while merritt hasn’t been playing The Division 2, she¬†has been playing another loot shooter with “2” in … Continue reading Fanwidth Episode 007: Did You Own a Gun?