Fanbyte’s Games of the Decade: Missing the Cut Part 3

Welcome back to Fanbyte’s Games of the Decade coverage for our final day of deliberation before revealing our Top 50! It truly pains us to reject any game from our (soon to be) prestigious list of showcased work, but there are some absolute classics in today’s round of rejections. This decade was pretty stacked, y’all!

In today’s pod, we get pedantic! Can you believe it? Listen, we have fight for our favorites and kick the games that didn’t make our Top 50 into the Fanbyte Pit. Please do not ask any other questions about the Fanbyte Pit. Is NieR: Automata actually good enough to make the Top 50? Are we really going to leave some of the most popular games on the planet off of this list? Why didn’t The Last of Us work for the crew?

Here’s the final deliberation pod before we do the countdown tomorrow and Friday! And as an added holiday gift for you, a direct download link! Gosh, we’re generous.

Okay! Thanks for joining us for Day 3! Hmm? What? The Fanbyte Pit? I thought I said don’t ask about the Fanbyte Pit. Listen, come close. I’m going to do this just for you, this one time. I’m going to open the thatch covering of the Fanbyte Pit so you can glance inside. Be quick about it. No pictures.

Hollow Knight

Yep, that’s down there, alright. I know. It’s one of the best indie games of the past decade, for sure. It’s beautiful, difficult, and rewards thorough exploration. Yep, I agree, it’s a great new IP. I told you, don’t ask too many questions about why it’s in the pit.

Why it didn’t make the cut: low turnout

Only a few of us had played it thoroughly at the time of the deliberation, which is the main reason, I think. Also it’s a little punitive in its design! I’ll admit that!

Assassin’s Creed

Not a single Assassin’s Creed game has darkened the doors of our Top 50, but the Fanbyte Pit is filthy with AssCreeds. These games started the decade on a high note, then gave us some extremely bad entries, then charmed us with impressive titles, most notably Odyssey.

Why they didn’t make the cut: inconsistency and bloat

The whole series is very inconsistent, but when it’s good it’s great. Even though Origins and Odyssey are excellent, they suffer from Ubisoft’s tendency to completely bloat their open world games with some fairly uninteresting stuff. There’s not another series in the industry that needs a strict editor more than this.

Fortnite & League of Legends

We’re not going to act like these aren’t important games, they totally are! But this isn’t Fanbyte’s Top 50 Most Important Games, it’s Games of the Decade! It’s up to us! We make the rules, baby!

Why they didn’t make the cut: we’re so, so, so tired

In the case of League, we’re just not big players, the six of us. In Fortnite‘s case, I can’t really point to the entire experience as being “good.” None of us can. For a couple seasons when it was hitting its stride, it was incredible fun. It was new and exciting. Now, it belongs to the kids. And that’s cool! I just hope they can figure out what actually made that game fun, because I think it’s been a while!