Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month: Ziggy

Meet Ziggy, a cuddly longboy who'll bark you under the table

Time for the fourth issue of Fanbyte’s Staff Pet of the Month! It’s exactly what it sounds like and we’re all going to get to gush to you about all our furry/scaly/feathered little children and you all get to see some sick pics of cute animals.


Full name: Ziggy Warren-Wilson née Warren-Sweat née Cash

Owner: John Warren, Head of Fanbyte Media & Ann Wilson, Wife of Head of Fanbyte Media

Nicknames: Zig, Ziggy Boy, Zig Zig, Bud, Buddy, Stinky Boy, Lil Bud. Sweet Boy

Age: 12

Likes: sunbathing, playing fetch, being under blankets, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, broccoli, his hippo, digging

Dislikes: visitors at the front door, sounds coming from beyond his view, peeing outside when it’s cold, pooping outside even when it’s not all that cold, sweet potatoes

Talents: covering himself up with blankets, moving things with his snout, cuddling, slapping his little rat tail against every possible hard surface before 7am

Weaknesses: other dogs, his undercarriage rubbing against basically every short surface, tall surfaces in general, jumping

The boy attempting to get on the bed with his chew toy

Ziggy is a full-blooded double dapple dachshund adopted from Central Texas Dachshund Rescue in 2009 in Austin, TX. I grew up knowing a few dachshunds and just loved their little personalities and long faces. After my childhood dog passed away in 2006, I knew I would someday adopt a dog of my own. When I met Ziggy in person, his name was Cash. I still don’t know much about his first year of life before me, but for various reasons I won’t get into, I suspect it wasn’t easy. His charming little personality is equal parts chill and stubborn. I love his coat! He looks like he is always just emerging from an unswept chimney. His striking heterochromia is sometimes a marker for hearing loss in dogs, but this isn’t the case for Ziggy.

Shortly after adopting Ziggy in 2009. Look at this handsome boy!

Ziggy had cat siblings for a few years and mostly got along with them. He’s never been super into other dogs, especially big ones. Probably goes back to when he was attacked by one, but also he’s just kind of a jerk??? Like, let dogs live, dude! It’s cool! They can sniff you without it turning into an international incident.

One of my favorite early stories of having Ziggy is when I walked him on a particularly windy day in Austin. He had (has, honestly) a penchant for going to the bathroom at weird angles. “Can I have my front paws up on the concrete and piss onto the lip of this sidewalk? What about if just one paw is on the grass? I can just start peeing right?” On this particular occasion, Ziggy, decided to squat on a steep grassy incline. When a stiff breeze knocked him tail over teakettle mid-relief, he jumped up and looked me dead in the face like I did this to him.

What are you and why

In 2014, my partner (now wife), adopted Raisinet the French Bulldog. The above photo is everything you need to know. This ball of snorting energy has never, ever relented, turning Ziggy sometimes from a chill snuggly boy into a cranky lifeguard. She keeps him completely on his toes and sometimes they don’t get along (usually over food), but for the most part these puppy siblings share a lot of love and little dog beds.

It’s rare still, but I’ll catch them in adorable little moments and it’s sometimes tough to imagine Ziggy’s life without this little obnoxious companion.

Ziggy sometimes thinks Raisinet is okay

Ziggy loves sharing warmth and his intense, holding gaze with you. The gaze thing freaks some people out but I’m very used to it. Still, there are days where I won’t sense his presence but look down the hallway and he’s just there, staring at me. Dude’s haunted but that’s okay I love him anyway.

Hello you still sleeping?

The very heart of Ziggy the dog is his warmth for things that bring him comfort. He loves nothing on this earth more than snuggling my wife and I super tight. If you come over, he’ll snuggle with you, too. He just loves people and wants to be around them all the time. He dreams a lot, too. Mostly at night. When Ann and I are drifting off he’ll often start doing his little flapping gums breathing and we’ll both sit up and lean over to make sure he’s okay. He always is.

His friend, the hippo

His most charming trait is that he hates eating alone. Sometimes one of us will hang out with him while he eats and he likes that. Sometimes when we don’t, he’ll bring one or five of his toys over to his bowl to share a meal with others. It’s honestly the cutest thing in the world and it still crushes me every time I see him put his little hippo friend by his bowl before he starts to eat.

Ziggy is my first dog as an individual adult and I’ve kept him happy and healthy (with the help of partners and friends and family members, of course) for eleven of his twelve years. My time and memories of Ziggy will carry late into my life and into the next and I’ll just keep loving him as much as he’s loved everyone in his life all these years.