Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month: Robo

Meet Robo, the duality of baby.

Full name: Robo B. Cat (the B stands for Baby)

Owner: Rebekah Valentine & Imran Khan, News Editor for

Nicknames: Baby, Beebs, Robobobo, Stinkybutt

Age: 7

Likes: Rebekah, long cat toys, the master bedroom bed, soft carpet and rugs, gentle head pets, boxes, licking up the dregs of milk from cereal bowls.

Dislikes: Aggressive head pets unless she headbutts your hand, not getting cuddle time when she wants it, her sister Lucca getting cuddle time when she wants to cuddle, not having enough space to play, any sort of change.

Talents: Screaming with no volume control, being very soft, giant baby eyes, making herself very small, pooping, climbing up on top of doors.

Weaknesses: Her sister Lucca, people closing the closet door without noticing she dashed in, not knowing how to get down from the tops of doors.

The biggest eyes in the world

I first met Robo a few years ago when Rebekah and I had just started dating. As she turned the key into her apartment, she suggested I leave my things next to the shoe rack and sit down on the floor to let the cats approach me and sniff. The two cats, littermates and lifelong sisters Robo and Lucca, gave me the once-over.

Lucca was the more social one, but Robo and Rebekah had a very special bond where she rarely gave any attention to anyone but her. This bore out when Lucca was happy to accept pets from my hand within seconds but Robo kept her distance. However, by the end of the night, I woke up to find Robo curled into a tight circle beneath my knee, snoring the night away.

Sometimes she sleeps like this and we can’t explain it

For quite a while, this little brown tabby seemed to view me as a rival for her owner’s affection. When I showed up, suitcase in tow, Robo seemed to know she would get even less time than usual with Reb. In the winter, she’d cuddle up to me for warmth, but mostly when her sister occupied the other available lap. She would look annoyed when she was at the window chattering to birds and I showed up to pet her tiny little head, like a child who was very much over their parents walking them to school.

At other times, she’d fall asleep on my foot, cuddling up with my ankle. The world had never felt smaller or cozier than when I watched this baby cat cling to me as she shut her eyes tight.

She is an expert at being cute

After the four of us moved in together, I started trying to play with Robo more whenever I got the chance. As our apartment was still full of shifting boxes and furniture — the exact kind of chaos Robo hates — there were really only two places that had enough room for her to showcase her hunter instincts: the downstairs living room and the upstairs bedroom.

At different times, one of those two areas would be too stuffed with miscellanea while unpacking to make for proper playtime. So, for the first time in her little life, Robo would pick up her toy and take it to where she wanted to play. All of a sudden, we’d hear the pitter-patter of little feet on the wooden stairs accompanied by a CLACK-pause-CLACK-pause-CLACK as she dragged the toy down to the living room and waited patiently for me to join her.

Robo holding the toy in her mouth to move somewhere else

This soon became a common occurrence, as our apartment became adorably haunted by a little gremlin going up and down the stairs looking for playmates.

She has never met a box she doesn’t like

A new phenomenon I have noticed is that, when I pet Robo’s head, she makes a very distinctive panting sound. It sounds like she’s breathing past her cheeks since she’s pulling them back while I pet her. Reb explained that Robo tries to mark things she loves, things that belong to her, with her cheeks.

I don’t know how true this explanation actually is. But if it’s true, then I’d like to think the panting sound is Robo trying to mark my hand with her scent. It makes me feel quite honored that this little cat would want people to know I belong to her. I feel the same, buddy.


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