Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month: Lily

Meet Lily, the anxious, attention-seeking yorkie-chihuahua that accompanies our newsie.

Here at Fanbyte we’re launching a new monthly feature series we’re calling Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month. It’s exactly what it sounds like and we’re all going to get to gush to you about all our furry/scaly/feathered little children and you all get to see some sick pics of cute animals. And I get to start this new tradition by showing y’all my ride or die: Lily, my yorkie-chihuahua.

First canine Spectre.


Full name: Lilian “Lily” Bea Shepard

Owner: Kenneth Shepard, News Writer at Fanbyte

Nicknames: Lil’ B, My Love, Queen

Age: 14

Likes: Attention, sleeping, eating, meeting new people, staring at human food she’s not allowed to have, dragging her bed around the house to sit as close to me as as possible while I work.

Dislikes: Cold weather, being woken up in the morning, when I make her wear the N7 hoodie I bought her, car rides.

Talents: Photogenic as fuck and can sleep anywhere.

Weaknesses: Jumping onto furniture without the help of someone bigger than her and resisting the allure of a trash bag that has food in it.

Frequent readers of Fanbyte period com will recognize Lily as the lazy little dweeb who would not make for a good guard dog in The Last of Us Part II, but she’s so much more than a canine ill-equipped to fight off rival factions in the zombie apocalypse. Lily has been in my life for literally half of my existence on Earth, as I turned 28 this year and she turned 14. My older sister got her when I was in eighth grade, and we would frequently take care of her back at the family house if my sister was working or had some other commitment. I still remember when she was small enough to walk on top of me and curl up on my shoulder when she wanted to nap. This means I also remember the panic-inducing time the family thought we’d lost her somewhere but she’d actually curled up in a basket of laundry and was just too small to notice.

Eventually, my sister realized that her work life and other commitments made it hard for her to keep a dog, so Lily was then integrated into the our home instead. She took a liking to me, and eventually she started sleeping with me every night. That same attachment has persevered for over a decade, because even now at 14 she is distressed if she can’t sit with me when I’m doing anything. And I mean legitimately distressed, like whining until I pay attention and let her either sit on the couch with me or in my lap when I’m working or playing a game. She’s always gotta be at least on the same surface as me or she isn’t content.

She’s even pretty particular about how I say goodbye if I’m going somewhere. Even if I walk outside and don’t make a huge to do about saying goodbye to her, complete with pets and kisses, she will bark at me through the front door until I come back to say goodbye and reassure her that I’ll be back soon. She just needs to be acknowledged in everything that I do. But who can deny that face, yeah?

Things I wrote while Lily was curled up next to me:

While she can be a bit anxious, Lily is always excited to meet new people and demands anyone who comes to visit give her their undivided attention. Since she’s so small and doesn’t jump on people, she looks for other means to signal that she’s in the room and wants to be petted. She’ll shake and whine at first, but she will eventually escalate to a bark if someone doesn’t perceive her enough for her liking.

Sometimes I forget my ride-or-die is on the older side, because even at 14 she has as much energy as she did as a puppy to this day, even though sleeping and cuddling are her favorite things. While she doesn’t know why I’ve been home all the time this year, she is thrilled that we’ve spent so much uninterrupted time together in quarantine and she’s had a lot of pizzas to stare at because it’s the only thing that gets delivered to our home in the wilderness of Bumfuck Nowhere, Georgia.

I love her very much, and am sure she will be excited to hear she’s been featured on the site again like the star she is.


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