Fanbyte Staff Pet of the Month: Daisy

Meet Daisy, a Maltese mix who absolutely loves to bark.

Time for the third issue of Fanbyte’s Staff Pet of the Month! It’s exactly what it sounds like and we’re all going to get to gush to you about all our furry/scaly/feathered little children and you all get to see some sick pics of cute animals.


Full name: Lola “Daisy” Skiffington

Owner: Dillon Skiffington, Guides Editor at Fanbyte

Nicknames: Fluff, Puff, Floof

Age: 11

Likes: Barking, getting pets, barking at other dogs, barking at dogs outside, peanut butter, rolling around in her covered bed like a toy rather than a bed.

Dislikes: Other dogs, not being pet by absolutely everyone, when I have to put the harness over her head to go on walks, people knocking on doors or ringing doorbells.

Talents: Expert at getting head pats, sleeping in super weird positions, traveling on planes and in cars.

Weaknesses: Being places she shouldn’t, getting into things she shouldn’t, rain because it causes her fur to tangle, tummy rubs.

Daisy is a Maltese mixed with we don’t know what who came into my life when I started dating my partner. It’s my first time inheriting a dog like this and it leads to incredibly interesting discoveries like how her legal name is actually Lola but at some point a year or so into her life my partner’s family just decided Daisy was a better fit so here we are.

In college, my friends decided that there’s a lore around Daisy. As a Maltese, her fur gets out of control pretty fast. Before we know it she turns into a ball of fluff — hence the nicknames — but when she truly reaches critical levels of poof, she actually turns into a different dog name Doozy.

There are honestly so many nicknames for her, I can’t remember all of them. More often than not we only call her Daisy when she’s in trouble or we need her attention. Every single other time she’s referred to as a variety of different things. Case in point, she’s started to snore more frequently in her old age, especially since she had surgery to remove some of her teeth. As a result, we now acknowledge every time she does a little snort — we all do it with big stretches, why not snorts — which has evolved into me calling her Snortle (a la Squirtle).

Anyway, I recently spent a total of six hours cutting and grooming her, since no one else wants to in our current Covid situation, so she both smells good and doesn’t look like a complete mess. I’m going to go cuddle her now. I’ll tell her all about how you folks love her very much.


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