Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia GIFs

Season of the Haunted is here in Destiny 2, and it’s real spooky — ghosts, recriminations, and regrets abound. Zavala, Eris, Crow, and Caiatl are all facing the mistakes of their past and learning to move through them. Let’s hope they have more luck than the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who have been making the same mistakes for over a decade now. Anyway, here’s the Season of the Haunted as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia GIFs, because today is my Friday and I’m just feeling like getting a little silly.

When your teammate starts Icarus Dashing everywhere in Crucible

When you think about switching to a Sunbreaker Titan

When you’re a New Light who never did the Leviathan Raid and Calus starts talking

When an enemy spawns into an area full of Warlocks throwing Solar Grenades

When someone asks how you got the Reckoning seal

When you’ve maxed Resilience and a red bar shoots at you

When you’re telling a new player on the Leviathan about the old Menagerie

When Eris calls the Drifter a freak

When you can’t get a red box of that weapon to drop after a dozen Opulent keys

When Calus tries to get you on board with his plans

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