Air-dash Yourself Over Here to See Celeste in Glorious LEGO Form

Celeste was one of my favorite games of 2018, full stop. The art, the kinetic gameplay, the satisfying death loop, the writing–it’s all great. The soundtrack is unreasonably great. It’s the total package of indie releases in 2018. Can’t stress this enough.

Our video producer Ben spent a good chunk of December recreating a Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer in LEGO, because why not? He did such a great job, we asked about an encore. Celeste was the pick and what a pick it was!

I’d go into how many things Ben nails, but I want to keep this brief so you just watch the dang thing. It’s amazing. I watched him piece this together over the past few weeks and it was something to behold.



John Warren

I miss Texas sometimes. Wheelchair person. Professional wrestling is humanity's greatest achievement. He/his, y'all.

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