Fanbyte Media Company Disclaimer Policy

Fanbyte maintains a strict separation of editorial policy and decision-making from its ad sales and other business interests. The editorial team is kept separate from the sales division, and all editorial decisions are the purview of that team alone.

However, Fanbyte Media is also owned by Tencent, the Shenzen based conglomerate you may recognize from “having an economic stake in almost every game you’ve played in the last five years or more.”

Given that Tencent is so huge (i.e. the largest video game company in the world), it’s nearly impossible not to cover and discuss its products from time to time. That being said, the editorial team at Fanbyte has little to no contact with Tencent proper.  And when applicable, we include written disclaimers while covering games actually published Tencent. Our views, opinions, reviews, etc. of any media isn’t impacted by their ownership.

The same goes for any time we believe our audience may see a conflict of interest in covering a game. The editorial team may sometimes participate in product advertising (e.g. reading ads on a podcast). However, these will always be clearly signposted. That goes for whether it’s an ad for a game or any other product.

We hope our site-wide voice speaks for itself most of the time, but these disclaimers help maintain the trust we’ve established and continue to maintain with our audience.

If you have any questions about our editorial policy, you can reach out to the editors at