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WWE TLC Preview and Predictions

We got tables, we got ladders, and we may even have some chairs

TLC is WWE’s final pay-per-view of 2019, but it’s coming just a few weeks after Survivor Series like the oops baby that nobody was really planning for. But it’s here, and while we’ve only got a handful of matches lined up for Sunday, a few of them promise some really great stuff. Others have been born out of cucking angles. Let’s break it down:


Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

This has the potential to steal the show, with two men who have been vastly overlooked during their time on the main roster. It also has the most potential to be bumped to the preshow, but I’ll take what I can get. Black wants somebody to pick a fight with him, but is also mad Murphy is making him come out of his cool dark room. Buddy is a rude man who shushes and likes putting his knee in peoples faces. Two big personalities here.

Prediction: This one feels close to call, as either guy could get a big win, but I’m going with Black.

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Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Becky and Charlotte (TLC match)

This was long predicted and confirmed this week on Raw, cementing forever that Becky and Charlotte can truly never escape each other. They’ll probably be buried next to one another, with ‘fight forever’ written on their tombstones. The Kabuki Warriors are coming in with wins over both women in recent weeks, by way of some questionable tactics. If you consider spitting green in someone’s face and hitting them with a chair questionable. Luckily, chairs and a few other household items are legal on Sunday, so expect Becky to take some more wild bumps.

Prediction: Becky and Charlotte, although literally no one seems to want that. Becky and Charlotte don’t even seem to want that.


The Miz vs Bray Wyatt (non title match)

No Fiends here, just a good old fashioned contest between a Dad and a man who wants to usurp his position in the family. The big blue belt isn’t on the line, but I imagine the Miz and Mrs contract with USA probably is. We get to see Bray Wyatt fight sans mask for the first time since returning, and we get to see Miz do his super serious face where he scrunches his mouth together. We’re all winners with this match.

Prediction: Wyatt and his Old Navy sweaters are walking away with the W.


Rusev vs Bobby Lashley (Tables Match)

Finally, after weeks of kissing, divorcing, getting arrested and more, Lashley and Rusev are finally having a wrestling match. The tide has turned in Rusev’s favor the last couple weeks, as it seems like he’s got the upper hand over WWE’s most surprising couple. Lashley still has Lana in his corner, which could mean a lot of shouting and potentially some shoe throwing. At least we’ll get to watch two very large men struggle to set up tiny table legs, that’s always a hit.

Prediction: It’s gotta be Rusev, or else we sat through this entire weird, awkward, and sometimes downright uncomfortable story for absolutely no reason.


Roman Reigns vs King Corbin (TLC Match)

Corbin really escalated things when he dumped dog food all over Reigns body, which somehow happened on free tv in front of God and everybody. The only way to settle a rivalry that heated is to bust down some plywood and throw somebody into a ladder. I hope Corbin brings back the dog theme remix because, honestly, it kind of slapped.

Prediction: Reigns, with some triumphant dog imagery to end the feud. Maybe he brings out a corgi or something.


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day (c) vs The Revival

The Revival won a four way tag team match to challenge for the titles they lost last month. These teams know each other so well that the match is guaranteed to be solid, if a little repetitive. It’s sure to contain of hip gyrating, some Xavier Woods shoutouts, and a few angry fist bumps.

Prediction: New Day just became champs again, I don’t see them losing it just yet. Power on, pancakes. 

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