A mystical karateman from somewhere cold, Glacier dispatched foes with his trademark cryonic kick ... until he became a dude dispatched by foes.

Look—it is easy to dunk on WCW. Inactive since 2001, its many, many mistakes have fueled a cottage industry of books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other forms of monetized snark. Glacier, otherwise known as Ray Lloyd, is frequently a target of said snark, as his gimmick and the microuniverse WCW built around it—"Blood Runs Cold"—should have began and concluded its life on the page. Glacier was what happens when you ask an adult to remember the karate movie they took their kid to a year ago, if that karate movie was Mortal Kombat, and the only thing he remembered was the dude who got a gigantic icicle hurled through his abdomen. Sometimes that's all you need to make something really, truly beautiful.